20 Digital Audio Delay Processors To Consider

Check out this detailed list of 20 digital audio delay processors that you may consider to resolve audio delay (lip-sync) issues in your home theater or professional audio setup:

1. Behringer Shark DSP110

  • Overview: A compact digital delay processor known for precise delay adjustment capabilities.
  • Application: Ideal for both professional and home audio setups needing reliable synchronization.

2. Kramer PT-571HDCP

  • Overview: HDMI audio delay processor renowned for reliability and effective synchronization.
  • Application: Perfect for integrating with HDMI-based audio/video systems to ensure lip-sync accuracy.

3. TV One 1T-AP-216

  • Overview: Supports HDMI audio de-embedding and advanced delay adjustment capabilities.
  • Application: Designed for applications requiring high-quality audio synchronization in AV installations.

4. Dayton Audio DSP-LF

  • Overview: Specifically designed for subwoofer applications, offering delay adjustment for low-frequency synchronization.
  • Application: Ideal for home theater enthusiasts looking to synchronize subwoofer audio with video playback.

5. DVDO iScan Duo

  • Overview: Combines video processing with integrated audio delay adjustment for seamless synchronization.
  • Application: Suitable for enhancing audio/video synchronization in home theater environments.

6. Emotiva XDA-2

  • Overview: Versatile DAC with configurable delay adjustment features for optimizing audio performance.
  • Application: Perfect for audiophiles seeking precise synchronization in high-fidelity audio systems.

7. Yamaha AD8HR

  • Overview: Professional audio delay processor offering extensive control and high-quality audio processing.
  • Application: Designed for professional audio installations requiring reliable audio synchronization.

8. MiniDSP 2×4 HD

  • Overview: Flexible DSP platform with configurable delay settings for optimizing audio performance.
  • Application: Suitable for DIY audio enthusiasts looking to fine-tune audio synchronization in various setups.

9. Roland S-2416

  • Overview: Digital snake system with built-in delay processing, ideal for live sound environments.
  • Application: Perfect for venues and live events requiring precise audio synchronization across multiple channels.

10. Ashly Protea DSP

  • Overview: Advanced DSP capabilities including delay adjustment, suitable for complex audio systems.
  • Application: Ideal for integrating with sophisticated audio setups requiring precise synchronization.

11. Symetrix Jupiter 8

  • Overview: Audio processor with configurable delay settings and comprehensive signal processing features.
  • Application: Designed for professional AV installations needing versatile audio synchronization capabilities.

12. Xilica XD

  • Overview: DSP platform with precise delay management and integration capabilities.
  • Application: Perfect for venues, conference rooms, and auditoriums requiring reliable audio synchronization.

13. BSS Audio Soundweb London BLU-100

  • Overview: Audio processor designed for professional installations, offering flexible delay controls.
  • Application: Ideal for integrating with complex audio systems where precise synchronization is critical.

14. ClearOne CONVERGE Pro 2

  • Overview: Conference audio processor with customizable delay settings and advanced audio processing.
  • Application: Perfect for boardrooms and conferencing environments requiring clear and synchronized audio.

15. QSC Q-SYS Core

  • Overview: Networked audio processor with extensive delay management and integration capabilities.
  • Application: Suitable for large-scale audio installations requiring centralized control and precise synchronization.

16. Biamp TesiraFORTE

  • Overview: DSP platform with configurable delay processing for high-performance audio systems.
  • Application: Designed for theaters, auditoriums, and broadcast environments needing reliable audio synchronization.

17. RME ADI-2 Pro FS

  • Overview: High-end AD/DA converter with delay adjustment capabilities for precise audio synchronization.
  • Application: Perfect for mastering studios and audiophile setups requiring top-notch audio performance and synchronization.

18. Presonus StudioLive Series III

  • Overview: Digital mixer with integrated DSP for live sound applications, including delay processing.
  • Application: Suitable for live performances and events where real-time audio synchronization is crucial.

19. Tascam SS-R250N

  • Overview: Solid-state recorder with delay adjustment for synchronized playback in audio installations.
  • Application: Ideal for broadcast and recording studios requiring reliable audio synchronization.

20. Lexicon PCM96

  • Overview: Studio-grade digital effects processor with delay and reverb processing for professional audio production.
  • Application: Perfect for post-production facilities and recording studios needing precise audio synchronization and effects.

These digital audio delay processors vary in features, application suitability, and price range. Consider your specific needs such as connectivity options, delay range, and integration capabilities with your existing audio equipment when selecting the right processor for your setup.

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