All You Need To Know About Hisense TVs

As you’re in the market for a new smart TV, you may have come across something called the Hisense TV. Compared to the big players in the TV market, it stands as a budget TV. Don’t let the great pricing dissuade you from buying one, as you may think that there’s been a reduction in quality.

Compared to industry leaders such as Sony, Samsung, and LG, Hisense TVs can hold their own and still come out at a discounted price point compared to these other brands. Keep in mind that the below is related to the latest models available.

Is Hisense TV better than TCL?

Another common budget brand is TCL, so it would make sense to compare the two quickly. Although both brands offer a variety of ultra-high-quality displays, the built-in factory speakers that come with many later models of Hisense outclass the standard factory speakers of TCL.

In addition, Hisense TV usually comes with more ports (such as USB and HDMI ports) as well as the latest versions of these ports, such as HDMI 2.1, making it offer better compatibility and features with connected devices.

Does Hisense TV have Wi-Fi?

Yes. All Hisense smart TVs come with Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi features allow you to browse the internet or seamlessly connect to streaming services at the click of a button.

Does Hisense tv come with Bluetooth?

Yes, it does. Many Hisense TV models come with Bluetooth as a built-in feature. Future models will make it a standard feature. Keep in mind that you can always check through the settings section in either the network or accessories (depending on model) area to ensure that you’re able to connect your Bluetooth device. Also, make sure your device is in pairing mode.

Does Hisense TV have 4k?

Yes, many current standard models currently with Hisense TV come in 4K resolution. In fact, there are some options out there that even go 8K and ULED 8K options. The screen themselves, especially on the larger models approaching 75 inches, have such brightness and dark contrasts that they easily compete with the bigger players.

Is Hisense TV Compatible with Alexa?

All Hisense TVs that are offered in the US can work with Alexa. In addition, that means they’re also able to work with Alexa-enabled devices such as Alexa Echo as desired.

Is Hisense TV Compatible with iPhone?

Yes, they are eventually. A few additional steps are necessary since Hisense TVs are Android-based. You can either download the screen-sharing app that is compatible with the iPhone or directly connect your iPhone to the tv with an HDMI converter and connector.

Is Hisense TV Compatible With Airplay?

Again – this is possible with a few extra steps and the application download. It’s not Airplay exactly but through a third-party application. Later models of Hisense TVs are coming in with full Airplay functionality.

Is Hisense TV Compatible with Spectrum App?

This time around, this one is a no. Unfortunately, the Spectrum app is not available on any android-based device and on the Play Store. This may change in the future.

Is Hisense TV Compatible with Apple TV?

Hopefully, the later models will start to come pre-installed in with Apple TV. You can look at the Hisense app store, or Hisense Roku TVs have their own section, and search for Apple TV and download/install the application from the Play Store.

Is Hisense TV Compatible with Google Home?

It all depends on whether you’ve got all the correct applications installed from the Play Store. It’s also imperative to note that if you’re going to use Google Home, all the items are on the same Wi-Fi. This great feature will open up additional functionality for your Hisense TV.

What is Hisense TV Code?

This is primarily in reference to the remote control and Hisense TV code. There are three-digit, four-digit, and five-digit codes that are possible. The standard three-digit code for Hisense is 759. For a more detailed guide on the method to set up your remote with your specific TV model, it’s best to check the instruction manual as it can change.

Does Hisense TV Have Chromecast?

You can either connect your Hisense TV to Chromecast through the Google Home application on the Play Store. If for any reason, you’re unable to install the application due to an older Hisense model TV, you still may be able to use the external Chromecast hardware option.

Why is My Hisense TV Zoomed In?

If you feel that your Hisense TV seems as if it’s zoomed in, you’ll need to get into the Picture-Aspect Ratio and change it back to 16:9 or 4:3, depending on your preference or what options are available. If it’s already there, it may be due to the fact that the TV is a lower-end model with lower resolution.

Why Does Hisense TV keep turning off?

Hisense TVs keep turning off because they have built-in energy features to preserve the TV when not in use. However, it could be due to faulty wiring and may need to be serviced or replaced under their warranty if it’s often happening.

Is Hisense Roku TV Good for Gaming?

Yes. Hisense TVs are excellent for gaming, inclusive of their Hisense Roku option. It offers Free sync features to prevent screen tearing and has very low input lag, so there’s no issue with reaction times showing up on the TV.

In addition, the refresh rate on the Roku models is impressive at 60hz and has solid deep blacks and brightness to prevent glare and to keep the gaming going.

Does Hisense TV Have a Web Browser?

Yes. To be more specific, it can have a Web Browser. You’ll want to ensure that the Hisense TV is connected to the internet and you have the latest Play store updated. Since it’s an Android-based TV, you’ll be able to download any type of web browser that’s compatible with Android OS, which is many of the popular ones.

Then you’ll easily be able to browse the internet with your remote, wired, or Bluetooth-connected devices.

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