Best AV Receiver for Gaming

Once a PubG player was asked what made him fall in love with gaming all over again. He said buying the right AV Receiver changed the game for the better. It clearly shows how important of a role the AV Receiver plays in gaming, be it PC games, Retro, or Console gaming.

Buying the right AV Receiver is not easy, considering the brimming market and confusing customer reviews. This guide, however, is clear, to the point, and short. After reading the article, you will be clear about what AV Receiver would best suit your demands. Let us dive into the subject!

Best AV Receiver for PC Gaming

The below-mentioned AV Receivers can best accompany your high-standard PC gaming.

1- JBL Synthesis SDR-35

JBL Synthesis SDR-35 is a perfect AV Receiver for PC gaming. It supports videos of as high resolution as 4K HDR. The surround formats this receiver supports are Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, etc. The DTS Virtual:X and Dolby Height Virtualization formats do not even need up-firing to stimulate height effects.

It produces clear and accurate sound, delivering top-notch sophistication in audio quality. There are many ways how you can get it connected to the device. You can either use Bluetooth or Apple AirPlay 2, or Google Chromecast.

Moreover, it can support the as high audio resolution as 24 Bit / 192kHz. Choose this receiver if an electrifying mix of subtlety and scale is what you need for your gaming sessions.

2- Denon AVC-X3700H

Denon AVC-X3700H is the AV Receiver that can give you shriller punch and better clarity effortlessly. Yes, it is for the gamers for whom sound matters as much as the video. The video quality it supports is 8K HDR. Its audio results are mature enough to let you differentiate one car hit from another in the game.

The Surround formats it supports are Dolby Atmos, IMAX Enhances, and DTS: X. You can connect it without any wires using Bluetooth. It comes with 7 HDMI inputs. Plus, it lets you stream directly from platforms such as Spotify and YouTube. This AV Receiver is for those who do not want to miss a little hiss or little crack in the audio and video, respectively.

Best AV Receiver for Retro Gaming

It does not matter if the gaming is old school because you can upgrade the experience using the following AV Receivers.

1- Yamaha RX-V4A

Not all gamers seek high-performance AV receivers that come with every bell and whistle. This one is for those who want advanced features at an affordable price. Yes, you cannot find a surround-capable receiver for the same price as this comes for.

Yamaha RX-V4A is a 5.2-channel unit that can make your retro gaming session out of the world. The package includes 4 HDMI inputs and one output. You can connect with many gears as it can support Dolby and DTS etc. It lets you stream using many options such as Bluetooth, Spotify, or Apple AirPlay 2.

The best feature about this receiver is Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa integration for controlling your voice. You connect it with Yamaha products without any wire using the MusicCast Multiroom System.

2- Marantz SR6015

You cannot know the truest Dolby Atmos until you play it on Marantz SR6015, such as its quality and channels. The audio quality is next-level, thanks to the 9.2-channel unit. It holds 110W power per channel.

The package includes 7 HDMI inputs and three outputs. Besides Dolby Atmos, it also supports DTS:X, Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization, and more multichannel formats.

It comes with a built-in Home Entertainment Operating System to extend your system to more than one room.

The highest video quality it supports is 8K HDR. Moreover, you do not even need any preamp to connect to the turntable because it has a dedicated phono input. It is a killer AV Receiver that is powerful enough to take your retro gaming to another level.

Best AV Receiver for Console Gaming

Let the below-mentioned AV Receivers set higher standards for console gaming.

1- Sony STR-DH590

Sony STR-DH590 is changing the narrative that states that a low budget means a low number of features. This AV Receiver has been designed to keep in view the needs of gamers. Thus, you do not have to spend on features that are of no use to you. It supports most audio and video formats. The acoustic calibration circuitry will help you adjust speaker settings without doing any guesswork.

The Pure Direct Mode produces the clearest and the most accurate audio results. This system can minimize or eliminate unnecessary noise and adjust the focus on the main content. You can connect it with your device using Bluetooth. Moreover, it comes with 4 HDMI inputs for primary source connections. Get this receiver for the top-end audio and video decoding.

2- Anthem MRX 1140

MRX 1140 is the best AV Receiver for 15.2 surround sound and high-performance audio and video decoding. This beast can produce high power for 1 – 5 channels: 14W power per channel at 8 ohms and 60W per channel at 8 ohms for the following channels.

The surround sound it can support includes Dolby Atmos, X Pro, DTS:X, and many others. The multiroom connectivity feature lets you set up the system in more than one room. The built-in support for streaming apps like Spotify and Amazon Prime Music is great. The hi-res audio support is enough to produce subtle and detailed audio results.


You need to consider many aspects before making the final decision. From surround support to video quality and audio results, you should know what makes a difference for an AV Receiver. Some systems can offer more at a low price; however, some are expensive and high-performance but contain useless features.

The list mentioned above contains all types of options available in the market so you can make a well-informed decision. Yamaha RX-4VA is Editor’s choice because it offers advanced functions such as MusicCast Multiroom, 5.2 channel, and Alexa Integration at affordable prices.

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