Best Soundbars For The Basement

One of the most common uses of the basement is to make a home theater out of it. Naturally, you would want the best of the products and the setup. Getting an expensive and thin screen TV is one thing you can get but still not have your home theater complete.

It is the sound system that completes the experience for you. When it comes to sound systems, nothing is better than soundbars. They are compact with no clutter of wires or giant attachments. Let us find out the best soundbars for the basement after understanding the concept of room size from the perspective of the audio system.

Are Soundbars Worth it for Small Rooms?

Soundbars need space to do their job and create a surround sound experience. The required space increases as the size of a soundbar do. Some even come with upward and side-firing speakers that you must mount on walls or ceilings. So, a soundbar can’t be kept in a cabinet or shelf and perform well.

However, you can get a small-sized sound bar for your small room. If you set it up right, the room’s small space would not matter. The entertainment center’s sound quality will be good enough. In fact, many people go for sound bars when their rooms cannot adjust a traditional giant surround sound system.

Do Soundbars Work in Large Rooms?

Yes, soundbars can do a great job in big rooms. One thing to ensure is that if your room size is broad, you should get a big size soundbar because the primary purpose of this device is to create a surround sound experience for users. Not getting the sound bar in consideration of your room size might trouble you in the setup process because you need to be a genius to avoid extra spaces from interrupting the surround sound.

A large soundbar with a subwoofer, multiple speakers, and other attachments would be suitable for a large room.

What is the Best Location for a Soundbar?

The best location for a soundbar is close to the TV. This is exactly where most people place it. Because this location helps make the visuals and audio feel connected. But should it be at the foot of the TV or above it?

Both locations can be good. The final decision depends on your whole system. For example, if the speakers included in the package are up-firing, you can consider placing a soundbar above the TV. This way, it will create the best acoustic experience.

How Do I Choose the Right Size Soundbar for My Room?

Along with pricing and technical preferences, the size of the soundbar also matters a lot. For size, the first thing you should consider is the size of your TV. Pairing a narrow sound bar with a giant TV or a big soundbar with a small TV will disturb the whole experience.

If you buy a big expensive TV, you want your soundbar to be competitive in the quality of its job too. Otherwise, the sound will be great, but the visuals poor or vice versa. The final setup will be a mess. So, make sure to know your budget and invest in both products wisely, following each other.

Best Soundbars for Basement

1- Sony HD-A7000

Sony HD-A7000 is a powerful low-end soundbar. This sound bar comes with two up-firing speakers and five front-facing drivers. The 360-degree acoustic bubble it creates around the listeners is super impressive. The two-beam tweeters and dual subwoofer ensure that the sound stage is immersive, whether you are watching a movie or listening to songs.

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The final audio this sound bar produces does not feel like it comes from speakers. Instead, the whole room transforms dramatically into the content you are watching and listening to. Such significance is the enriching listening experience with this Sony soundbar.

2- Sonos Beam Gen 2

Sonos Beam Gen 2 is a fantastic choice for basement home theaters. It can create a dynamic and immersive surround sound system. It supports Dolby Atmos so that you can enjoy ultimate excellent quality content. The package includes five front-facing speakers for decoding and producing overhead sounds. It comes with a Head-Related Transfer Function technology that can deliver height impressions without getting vertical.

Moreover, you can stream directly from Apple Airplay 2, Spotify, and Sonos S2 app. The integration feature for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant will make controlling the sound bar super easy.

Moreover, thanks to its impressive networking capabilities, you can enjoy a multi-room system with this soundbar.

3- Sonos Arc

Sonos Arc is a smart soundbar with features and functionalities to deliver the finest audio quality. This Sonos product offers Dolby Atmos with vertical speakers. The built-in Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant feature will allow you to control volume even when the speakers are roaring.

Moreover, it is compatible with Apple Airplay 2, eARC, and Ethernet. The package includes 11 speakers; some are up-firing, and some are ceiling-mounted and angled. In the final sound stage, all speakers in collaboration create one great audio experience.

This heavy, dynamic, and detailed soundbar with several valuable features would be the best for your basement.


The room size is important, and so is the size of the soundbar. When you want to create a surround sound experience, you need to ensure the angels of the speakers and the directions of the delivered audio.

Sonos Arc and Sonos Beam Gen 2 are the best Sonos options for you. Sony HD-A700 is also efficient with Alexa integration and Dolby Atmos support. No matter what product you choose, ensure you are not ignoring your room size, TV size, and expectations for a soundbar before making the purchase.

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