Best Soundbars For Bedroom TV

The television industry has evolved to a great extent. Everything is perfect and constantly improving, be it the giant size, the thin screen, or the minimalistic aesthetic appearance. But one thing that TV users cannot get perfect is the built-in speakers. The pairing of high-resolution visuals with poor speakers placed in the wrong positions is not good enough. Every entertainment lover prefers replacing built-in TV speakers with a soundbar. This article explains everything you need to know about replacing TV speakers with soundbars and the best soundbars for the bedroom TV.

Is a Sound Bar Better Than TV Sound?

The advancements in televisions keep on improving. It mainly involves reducing the thickness of the screen, improving the video quality, and other built features. But do the features being improved include speakers? Is it worth it to rely on TV only for the visuals and invest in a separate sound system for the audio?

If you buy a flat TV, the position of the speakers is mostly either at the bottom or behind the screen. Manufacturers aim to make the product appear as aesthetic and digitalized as possible. To fulfill this, they minimize the appearance of all TV essentials.

Speakers do not produce high-quality audio when they are close to a boundary. Because TV is placed near walls due to the small size of bedrooms, their speakers face hurdles doing their best.

Moreover, the bigger the size of the speakers, the better it is. Built-in TV speakers are too small to serve the human hearing efficiently. It clearly shows that built-in TV speakers are not as high quality as the TV screen. So, it is always a good idea for entertainment buffs to invest in a separate sound system.

Are Soundbars Worth it?

A soundbar comes into play to offer what built-in TV speakers cannot provide. It is a compact size speaker that you can connect to your TV for better audio quality. Sound bars come in many shapes and sizes; you can decide depending on the space in your bedroom.

A complete setup of a soundbar includes multiple speaker drivers with built-in amplifiers to produce an experience like surround sound. Many other features of a sound bar help create the ultimate immersive and surround sound, which is better than built-in TV speakers.

Best Soundbars for Bedroom TV

There is not enough space in bedrooms to create a home theater experience as opposed to living rooms. So, people prefer buying a small soundbar that would accompany their bedroom TV. Let us find out about the four best soundbars for the bedroom TV.

1- Sonos Beam (Gen 2)

Sonos Beam (Gen 2) is a perfect example of a small-sized sound bar’s top-notch features. It requires a 5.0 setup and is compact, just like the original Sonos Beam. Since it supports Dolby Atmos-enabled content, it is ideal for those who love watching shows on streaming platforms like Netflix and Blu-ray.

The ability of this sound bar to optimize audio reproduction by the acoustics of your bedroom called TruePlay is worth praising. The final sound will be fine, neither too loud nor too chunky.

The impressive clarity and accuracy in the dialogue delivery are possible with its neutral sound profile. The extra boom in high bass will make your movie sessions the most fun. Moreover, you can adjust the bass and treble to control the sound quality.

2- Sony HT-S200F

Sony HT-S200F is a 2.1 standalone sound bar that comes for a budget-friendly price yet manages to fulfill all audio requirements of entertainment lovers. The audio result is perfect for immersing yourself in music and staying focused on the dialogue with no distraction.

The balanced mid-range makes it an ideal choice for small spaces. The adjustment options to control the sound will help you get your desired audio results. The integrated subwoofer ensures that no rumble and punch of bass is missed during reproduction. The audio accuracy is on point at maximum volume as well.

3- Roku Stream Bar

Roku Stream Bar offers audio as well as streaming. Both functions are of top-notch quality; even you can watch 4K high-resolution visuals on this stream bar. For the audio, this two-channel sound bar delivers the best audio results. You can either use the sound bar plus the streamer or connect the sound bar with your TV.

The expressive mid-range and voice mode will help you enjoy dialogues with complete focus, clarity, and accuracy. The financially cheaper soundbars produce chestiness or chunkiness on coarse voices, but this sound bar retains good sound results no matter the voice type.

4- Yamaha SR-C20A

Yamaha SR-C20A is easy to set up and uses a soundbar. The design of this product is aesthetic with the ability to add to your interior. Though it is a bit expensive considering its small size. But the audio quality it delivers is so excellent that you will find the price justified.

You can use this versatile product for music and movies with its ability to render dialogue and reproduce deep bass. Moreover, it comes with many input options to set up your dream home theater with a surround sound experience. It is the best soundbar, especially for gamers.

Final Words

Built-in TV speakers do not stand the competition with sound bars because the latter is all about delivering deep bass, focused dialogue, and accurate audio. TV speakers fail at this for many reasons, such as their wrong position and compromised size and structure.

If you love watching movies and listening to music from the comfort of your bed, the soundbar is what you need. As mentioned above, many budget-friendly, small-sized sound bars are available in the market. However, all offer good quality audio results. You can choose one as per your demands and liking.

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