Bose V25 Review

bose v25 reviewMy first car back in college was a 1989 Nissan Maxima. It came with a factory Bose stereo system and it was the best sound I have ever heard in my life! The sound would boom through the entire car and it was crystal clear no matter how loud I turned up the volume. So when deciding to buy a home entertainment system for our home the first product that popped into my head was a Bose. I knew from my past experience with the car stereo that this manufacturer did make a quality product. We wanted to make sure that we purchased a system that would deliver vibrant surround sound that would bring movies, gaming and music to life. I am not a very technical savvy person so I decided to do my own research before purchasing a system for my family. I decided to do some extensive research on the Bose product to see if they still were making quality products that would enhance our listening experience. I was pleased to find that Bose is a highly rated manufacturer of home entertainment systems still today. Since I have been a previous owner of a Bose product I knew it was quality made and did provide listening enjoyment. The Bose company was founded in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose , with his dedication to research and excellence has led to such superior products. Not only does this home entertainment system provide lifelike quality sound but also aesthetically has a beautiful design that is very pleasing to the eye. My extensive research led me to the Bose Lifestyle V25 Home Entertainment System- (Black).

Important Features to look for in a Home Entertainment System

  • High Sound Quality
  • High Picture Quality (HDTV)
  • HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface)

What Type of Sound Quality Does The Bose System Deliver?

One great feature to help you set up your sound properly in your own room is called the ADAPTiQ® system. This technology was developed to analyze your room’s dimensions and other variables that affect sound. It will automatically adjust the Bose Lifestyle V25 System surround sound system for optimum performance. This home entertainment system comes with 5 high quality speakers; 4 direct/reflecting speakers and 1 horizontal channel speaker. The subwoofer is very powerful at 350w and uses Acoustimass Module, which works in direct connection with the smaller speakers to deliver a fuller range of theater sound and effects. This patented Bose design produces low frequencies for all channels with no audible distortion. This is a wireless system which helps to decrease clutter in your home. Bose has realized that the average consumer would like a system that offers ease for setup. They have focused a lot of attention on supplying the user with clearly written and illustrated, step by step, walk-through instructions regarding set up of the system. In places where cables are required, they are color coded, and the manual does a great job of describing how to position everything and connect it, step by step.

What Features of HDMI Does The Bose Lifestyle System Offer?

The function of an HDMI switch is to allow multiple HDMI cables to be connected to a device that has a limited number of HDMI bose v25 reviewinputs Bose Lifestyle V25 Home Entertainment System has 6 HD/video sources; including 4 HDMI and 2 audio HD sources. With all this availability for your devices you will easily be able to control and connect all of your video, gaming and music sources. Also this home entertainment system includes the capability of 5.1 digital channel digital surround sound with video up-scaling to 1080p over HDMI. Another technology that Bose Lifestyle V25 offers is called Proprietary Videostage® 5 decoding and post-processing circuitry. This feature joined with digital 5.1 decoding and DTs® to deliver a high quality, multichannel surround sound experience from practically any source: DVDs, videocassettes, stereo, CDs, gaming systems and even older mono TV shows and movies.

Why is having HDTV feature important?

This is the latest technology for television that provides a higher resolution for viewers. HDTV uses one or two million pixels per frame that combines to create images that appear sharper and more realistic than TV ever has before. The Bose Lifestyle V25 Home Entertainment System uses Automatic Video Up-Scaling. This ensures that whether you are watching movies/sports or gaming system you will see the highest resolution capabilities of your display, up to 1080p over HDMI. This feature will provide clarity and life like visual experience to the eye. Another great audio feature Bose has included with this product is Unify intelligent integration system. It has onscreen navigation to simplify and guide you through the system setup and ease of everyday use. This patented technology walks you through setup, showing the right inputs and best connection options, and even verifies you’ve done it correctly! The Bose remote features fewer buttons and an LED screen to simplify management of all your entertainment sources. It works on radio frequency to operate through walls and floors.

The Bose Accessories Catalog
Bose is dedicated to supplying everything that customers need to tailor their theater system to the specifics of their home. They offer accessories that are specially made for the V25 system, the Bose accessories catalog includes everything from high quality cast zinc wall and ceiling brackets for mounting Bose Cube speakers, to floor and table stands that elevate speakers while concealing wires and the SL2 wireless Surround Link allowing for complete wireless freedom.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

The Bose Lifestyle V25 Home Entertainment System is available thru Amazon website for $2,499.00 with free shipping costs shipping. If you add this system to your cart, Amazon will save it and keep track on if the cost changes will send you notice to email address on your account.

What’s Included in the Box?

  • Control Console
  • Acoustimass Module
  • 4 Direct/Reflecting Speakers
  • 1 Center Channel Speaker
  • Dock for iPod or iPhone
  • Audio Input Cable
  • ADAPTiQ Audio Calibration Headset
  • Front Speaker Cables
  • Rear Speaker Cables
  • Acoustimass Module Power Cord
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Supply
  • AC Power Cords (2)
  • Audio Input Cable
  • 4 AA Batteries for Remote
  • IR Emitter Cable
  • Stereo Audio Cable
  • AM Antenna
  • FM Antenna
  • Operating Guide
  • USB Flash Drive (for system updating only)


Does It Include a Warranty with Purchase?

bose 25Yes, on the manufacturer website they do offer a limited 1 year warranty on their products. The Bose product is covered for a period of 1 year from the date of retail purchase by the original end-use purchaser, Bose warrants that this product, when delivered to you in new condition, in original packaging, from a Bose authorized reseller and used in normal conditions, is free from any defects in manufacturing, materials and workmanship. Bose will, at their sole option, repair or replace any defective parts within a reasonable period of time and free of charge.


Reviews from Other Customers who Purchase Samsung Home Theater System


This product has received outstanding reviews from the majority of consumers on many websites.

Below are some quotes on reviews made to date:

  • “The system is sleek and aesthetic. The sound is phenomenal. Pricey, but worth it.”
  • “Setup is of the system is ridiculously simple – with guided instructions that show up on your TV and verify that you have everything connected correctly.”
  • “It’s powerful. Acoustics and Surround vibrates walls, spotlights and your couch even at low volume.”
  • “There are some audiophiles out there who like to bash this system and say it’s too expensive for what you get, but for most of us who can afford it the Bose V25 offers an excellent combination of performance, integration and ease of us. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.”
  • “This is the ultimate in compact home theater systems. It provides superb audio, has excellent switching for HDMI, and even has an iPod connector that allows you to play your audio and video on your large screen TV.”
  • “We love the slim line look of the receiver and without all the huge speakers in the room, we feel we have gained back a lot of space.”
  • “Sound is exceptionally good even in rooms that are not an audio studio.”


Has Product Received Any Negative Reviews/Complaints?

I feel as if the only con I have come across is some consumers being a little fearful of the price. Otherwise this Bose V25 System is highly rated by owners and has received lots of praise. I do understand that some could be turned off by the price but as they say you do get what you pay for. This home entertainment system is a quality product that offers the best technology that will truly not disappoint any owner.


Where can you Purchase The Bose Lifestyle V25 Entertainment System?

I have found the best prices on Amazon. Not only do they offer the lowest prices, many sellers also offer free shipping. Also as a consumer I have made several purchases through this site and I do trust Amazon to deliver my product in a timely and responsible manner and do provide quality customer service.


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