FREE list of 54 Cellphones With Infrared IR Blaster

In a previous article I discussed how to control your home theater without wifi using your phone. Considering all the capabilities of cellphones today I noticed that this certain hardware is being removed from cellphones.

This hardware called an IR Blaster or infrared transmitter used to be included in all phones but is now being phased out. IR Blasters enable your phone to control other appliances without WiFi. If your phone has an IR blaster, It will give you the ability to transmit signals via infrared to other electronics compatible with infrared such as air conditioning, television, stereo, cable box and others.

Are you researching which phones have infrared IR Blaster (infrared transmitter)? I have compiled a list for you to research. I do not know how accurate this list is so make sure you double check each phone to make sure they have IR Blaster but it should be very accurate.

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