How Big Should My TV Be

How big should my TV be? That is the question. Basically the finer the definition the closer you can sit. As a rule of thumb the closer you sit the more pixelation can occur. Pixelation happens when the picture looks like its drawn by blocks and the edges get blurry. 4K TVs have a finer resolution than 1080p TVs. In a nutshell we can sit closer to 4K than we can 1080p.

So the closer you sit the smaller the TV the less money you have to spend. If you have a small room you can plan a 4K TV because you’ll be sitting closer but if your room is big you can get away with a 1080p TV which is bigger but viewing distance makes up for that.

How To Measure A TV Screen TV screen sizes are measured diagonally not straight across. Run your tape measure from corner to corner for an accurate screen size.

TV mounting position On the wall or on a table? Remember mounting your TV on the wall increases the viewing distance a bit. On a table brings your TV down closer to eye level.

See the diagram above for minimum viewing distances per TV type and sizes.

What size TV for my room

How big should my TV be for my particular room? Stretch a tape measure from where your seating position is and to where your TV will be mounted. That distance will give you and idea of what size TV you need. As we know now you can sit closer to 4K TVs without noticeable pixelation and 1080p TVs we should sit further away to avoid pixelation.

For example if your viewing distance is 41 inches you would get a 40 inch 4K TV. The one thing to get from this list is smaller Home Theaters would most likely need 4K TVs but if your viewing distance is 81 inches you can get away with a 40inch 1080p TV.

What most people do is buy the biggest TV they can afford which varies from 55 inches to 75inches. Also if you can afford a 4K TV even though your viewing distance is larger your picture quality will be that much better.

One more thing to consider is the actual pixels on the TV. The greater amount of pixels the more refined the picture will be.

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