How Do I Reset My Bose Sound Bar

Many issues can cause a Bose Sound Bar to stop functioning efficiently. Whatever the problems your product is undergoing, you can fix them all by resetting the sound bar.

There are two types of reset. A normal reset will only get the product to start up again without losing the settings. On the other hand, a factory setting reset will remove all the adjusted settings and restore the out-of-the-box condition of the sound bar. This article will show how you can reset Bose 300/500/700 Sound Bar to factory settings. Let us dive in!

How Do I Reset My Bose Sound Bar?

No matter what Bose Sound Bar model you own, you must remove it from your Bose Music Account before resetting it. It goes true only if you have integrated the sound bar with the app. After resetting the sound bar, you can add it to the music app. Here is a guide to excluding Bose Sound Bar from Bose Music App.

1. Open Bose Music App. Go to account settings in the right corner.

2. Then click Manage Speakers > Edit.

3. Select the attached sound bar, and click delete.

How to Reset Bose Sound Bar with Alexa?

Removing the sound bar from the music app will be different if you have signed in using an Amazon account.

1. Open the Alexa app, then go to the Devices section and find Echo and Alexa.

2. Spot your Bose sound bar, and click Deregister. Sometimes, if the same product is showing more than once, make sure to deregister all of them.

3. Click Account > Other Programs > Log in with Amazon.

4. Then, find your Bose Sound Bar, and click Remove.

To remove Alexa from your Bose Music App, you have to:

1. Open Settings > Voice Assistant > Alexa.

2. Click Remove Account > Remove.

How Do I Reset My Bose 300 Sound Bar?

Now that you have removed your Bose 300 sound Bar from Bose Music App, here are the steps to follow for resetting the factory settings of the sound bar. Factory settings are the default configurations. The following guide will help restore your sound bar to its original out-of-the-box state. The product settings you conducted will be lost during this process.

1. Grab the remote of the sound bar, and turn the Bose Sound Touch 300 Sound Bar on.

2. Press Play/Pause as well as Volume down buttons on the remote, and do not let go before 5 seconds.

3. Now leave the controls, and observe amber light glowing. It is a sign that the sound bar has been rebooted.

How Do I Reset My Bose 700 Sound Bar?

The Bose 700 Sound Bar reset follows almost the same process as the 300 models mentioned above. You must turn the sound bar on, press power + skip the back buttons together for 5 seconds, and have it rebooted. It will glow white light that will fade slowly into black as an indication of rebooting.

How to Reset Bose 500 Sound Bar?

The process for model 500 is also the same except for one difference. For this, you need to press the Power + Skip Forward buttons together for 5 seconds. The rest will be the same to restore its factory settings.

How Do I Reset the Wi-Fi on My Bose Sound Bar?

There can be many reasons your Bose Sound Bar cannot connect to Wi-Fi. First, you can try turning the Wi-Fi off and then back on. If it does not work, check if the network settings are correct. Sometimes, people change the name and password of the network and forget to update connected devices. If this is not the case, you can reboot the Wi-Fi router.

Just like computers and smartphones need rebooting, routers also need occasional rebooting. All you have to do for this is disconnect the router from the power and let it stay for a few minutes before starting it up again.

How Do I Adjust My Bose Sound Bar?

You can adjust the settings of Bose Sound Bar if you want to increase/decrease the bass or treble produced by the product. Here are a few steps to make the required adjustments.

1. Open the Bose Music App, and click Audio.

2. Go to the Sound Bar section. Here you will find + and – buttons. Clicking either will increase and decrease the bass and treble levels from -100 to 100, respectively.

3. You can also press the + and – buttons to make adjustments in the Bass Module section. This is only possible if you have connected a bass module to the sound bar.

When Should I Reset My Bose Sound Bar?

Just because your Bose Sound Bar is not turning on does not mean that it needs to be reset. Sometimes, your product is not connected to the power outlet firmly. Or sometimes the power outlet is not functioning. There can be many power-relevant issues that can refrain the sound bar from functioning correctly.

Thus, the next time your sound bar is not working, check the power plug, then the power outlet, and try connecting the product to a different power source before you finally decide to reset it.

The Bottom Line!

As mentioned above, your Bose Sound Bar does not always need to be reset. It can be the power outlet or the Wi-Fi screwing up. But if your sound bar does pose issues, the solution is a reset.

A reset can be fixed if the sound bar does not connect to the subwoofer, the audio is not as high quality as it should be, etc. It can restore the default configurations and restore the audio results.

The above guide does not have only taught you the resetting process but also convinced you that restoring the excellent condition of a Bose Sound Bar is no rocket science.

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