How To Connect Amazon Fire TV Stick To AV Receiver

The HDMI port on a receiver is where a Fire TV stick can be connected when using a receiver. 

I wondered whether a Fire TV stick would fit with an AV receiver or not. What I found after researching:

“There’s no difference in functionality whether you connect a Fire TV stick to an HDMI connection on your receiver or directly to the TV.”

Keep in mind that to view content from your Fire TV stick, you must switch your TV’s input to the HDMI port on your receiver.

If you just bought a new Amazon Fire TV Stick and didn’t know how to connect it to the AV receiver, then don’t worry. We are here to help. 

Today, we will discuss how to connect Amazon Fire TV stick to AV receiver with or without HDMI.

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Fire TV vs Amazon Fire Stick – What’s the Difference

Firestick’s design isn’t anything groundbreaking. It’s a USB stick that’s a little bit larger than the standard USB stick. It has an HDMI port on one of its sides, which is connected to a television through the HDMI cable.

On the other hand, Fire TV is a square-shaped box with an HDMI port. The Amazon Fire TV Family includes the Fire TV(opens in a new tab) streaming media player. 

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There are several streaming advantages to this gadget, including its high-tech capabilities and the ability to provide a rich entertainment experience to users. By using the microphone, you can use Alexa’s voice capability.

Amazon Fire TV stick features a somewhat lower-powered CPU, clocking in at 1.3GHz. It has a 1080p HD resolution. Like the Fire TV, it supports wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.

Conversely, an Amlogic’s ARM Cortex-A53 1.5GHz quad-core CPU powers Amazon’s Fire TV set-top box. Memory and storage are both 2GB on this model. Finally, a Mali450 GPU is included in the device, allowing it to play 4K films at 60 frames per second and HDR content.

On the Fire TV Stick you’ll find a version of Fire OS known as 5. Amazon’s Fire TV runs on Fire OS 6, a customized version of Android.

Ways to Connect Amazon Fire TV Stick to AV Receiver 

Before you begin connecting it, you should keep a few things in mind.

As there is no cable connection, provide a stable Wi-Fi connection.

To use Amazon’s services, register an account.

To begin, there is the Amazon Fire TV setup package. This bundle comes complete with all the essentials, including a USB cable, a Fire TV device, and a power adapter. Fire TV may be connected in two ways.

You may achieve this goal in one of two ways: by utilizing your AV receiver or connecting directly to the TV. Video and audio quality are said to be improved with the second method of connecting.

Streaming media players can be connected to an AV receiver simply with an HDMI port by the following method:

1. Amazon Fire TV requires a power adapter that comes with the package.

2. A power adapter or an extension cable can be used to plug in the device.

3. You’ll need to run a USB cable behind your receiver to connect the Fire TV to an HDMI port.

4. To use your Amazon Fire TV right now, turn on a TV and switch the AV receiver’s input to the HDMI port.

Your streaming media player and home theater receiver should be compatible if you follow these procedures. If you have a 4K-enabled Amazon Fire TV, you’ll need to utilize a 4K HDMI cable.

Is Amazon Fire TV Difficult to Manage

The Amazon Fire TV’s controls are relatively straightforward once you get used to them. Downloading the official Amazon Fire TV Remote App is the first step you should take. 

Smartphones and tablets may act as remotes. After installing the app, follow the onscreen instructions.

To use a physical remote control, you preferably couple it with your mobile device. 

Once you’ve selected Settings, navigate to Controllers & Bluetooth and make your selection there. Select Amazon Fire TV Remote from the list of devices, then follow the onscreen steps to set up the remote.

Start operating your Amazon Fire TV now that you know how to do so.

How do I connect my Amazon Fire TV to an AV receiver without HDMI

I don’t have an HDMI cable, so how can I hook my Amazon Fire TV to an AV receiver?

If your TV or receiver lacks an HDMI jack, you may be looking for an alternative method of combining the two devices. Fortunately, HDMI isn’t the only choice.

Without HDMI, how do you hook up a TV to a receiver? You can use RCA audio cablescomposite video cables, and five-segment component RCA video cablesHDMI converters can also be used.

You may use an RCA cable or a converter to connect two devices that don’t have HDMI ports, whether it’s your TV or your receiver.

It’s time to get started now that you’ve got your cables and converter:

Your TV and Receiver should be turned on:

The first step is to turn on the television and the receiver.

Connect any necessary cables or converters properly:

They must be connected to the correct ports. When deciding where to join which cable, follow the color codes.

Switch the TV’s default speaker to the connected external speakers:

This may be found in the excellent area of your TV’s primary settings, but the specific procedure varies from TV to TV. The external speaker you set up will become the TV’s default speaker instead of the internal one.

Setup Test:

Now that everything is connected turn up the volume. The connection is assembled if you can hear the video’s audio or conversation.

To switch to another receiver or TV, disconnect the cords from your current unit and insert them into a different one.


A Fire TV stick can be attached to a receiver. The HDMI connector on your receiver must be used to connect the Fire TV stick to your television. In addition, it must be connected to a power source. Plugging it into the wall with a power adapter is an option.

Alternatively, a micro USB to USB cable may be used to connect it to a computer’s USB port. However, a Fire TV stick cannot use all USB connectors.

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