How To Connect Bluetooth To LG TV

Bluetooth capabilities were in the past generally reserved for flagship models, meaning that not all smart TV’s came with Bluetooth. However, manufacturers soon realised that in order to remain relevant and competitive in a world ruled by fast and convenient connectivity, this feature would need to be added, even to lower-tier models. The aim after all is consumer attraction in order to leverage sales. Let’s explore how to connect bluetooth To LG TV.

While there are still a number of brands that do not include Bluetooth as a feature on the Smart TV range, LG is an exception. In addition to enabling simpler and faster connectivity, LG also has upped their game with its Magic Remote, a nifty control unit that allows users to control all devices with one compact package.

Do all LG Smart TV’s have Bluetooth capability?

As a market leader in the electronics field that understands the demand for effortless connectivity, with LG, life is certainly good. LG has employed the use of webOS 3.0 to deliver their magic mobile connection, giving you the advanced ability to link compatible smartphones, tablets and other devices through Bluetooth and Miracast technology. Magic mobile connectivity allows seamless streaming on models that feature built-in wifi, with instant access to mobile apps right on your TV screen. However, while more recent models may come with all the bells and whistles, it is understandable that earlier ranges, while being the flagship of their eras, may not be as advanced. Even with all the advanced technology, there is no remote magic enough to fix the past. Pro tip: check your model and do your homework before your next purchase. Please don’t fret either, just read on for advice to make even an older model work for you.

How do I initialize Bluetooth on my LG Smart TV?

Your manual will do an impressive job of guiding you through this process, especially if you’re a technophobe that’s just finding your feet, but it is simple enough with your remote as well.

Press the home button on the remote
Select the settings icon
Select sound, and then sound out.
Click on LG Sound Sync/Bluetooth, and this should bring up the device detection function. At this point, your device should be switched on. Your TV will start searching for devices so make sure the device is in pairing mode.
When your device appears on the screen, select it. This will establish a connection.
Your device will then appear under paired devices.

Even with the highest levels of quality assurance and the most advanced technology, a few glitches can be expected on even the most expensive electronic devices, and these can frustratingly leave you pulling your hair out. A simple tap on the right button at the wrong time can really mess up your day. While it is not a common occurrence, there are times when you will be requested to initialize the Bluetooth service on your LG Smart TV. Although LG does not provide any solution to this problem on their site, we’ve found that experience is the best teacher, and a simple solution is below:

Turn off your TV
Unplug the TV and wait 15 seconds
Plug it back in
Turn on the TV using the power button on the TV. Do not use the remote for this step!
Finally, click the scroll or ok button on the remote

Following these steps should initialize a Bluetooth pairing, and you may need to set up the devices you need to connect again. A little extra effort, but solvable at least.

How do I know if my smart TV has Bluetooth?

The average person would generally know what they’re looking for before purchasing a television, and the features are normally displayed on the box as well. However, for all intents and purposes, let us assume that perhaps Bluetooth was not the decision-maker with your purchase, and you’ve now decided to go a little smarter. The first point of reference is generally your user manual, and while it may seem like a drag, we suggest that you read through it and do not ever throw it out. There will be a time when you need it! If, however, you do not have this manual handy, use a search engine, in which case knowing your model is key.
Depending on the model, your LG Smart TV should have both Bluetooth and LG wireless support sound sync capabilities. These features should enable Bluetooth connectivity on a keyboard, headphones and allow you to play music through your TV speakers from your mobile device.

Finding the Bluetooth settings is rather simple considering the plethora of menus that LG is infamous for.

Start in your quick settings menu
Search through the list for the sound option icon
There should be several audio options in this menu, including Bluetooth

If you do not find the Bluetooth option, it is highly likely that your TV does not have it.

Do LG TVs have Bluetooth for headphones?

If you’re someone that enjoys loud music without unsightly cables around, a headset is a perfect option for you. The convenience of a Bluetooth headset while watching a movie or listening to music is so understated, and definitely kills two birds with one stone – you get your aural pleasure and no one around you suffers because of it. Your TV can be turned into a sound station by sharing music from your mobile device directly to it via Bluetooth. Any Bluetooth compatible device can be paired with your LG Smart TV, so while we’ve focused on headsets, the guide for connectivity is actually quite universal.

It is helpful to note that new headsets that have never been used might automatically be set to pairing mode. Again, please read through your user manual. Before pairing a set of headphones to your LG Smart TV, please make sure that the headphones are fully charged and you can proceed with the simple steps below:

Switch off the power on your headset
Press and hold the call button
Turn on the power while still holding the call button
Once the headset enters pairing mode, the LED indicator while show a solid light or flash repeatedly in half-second bursts.

Once you’ve done this, the universal guide found under “how do I initialize Bluetooth in my LG Smart TV” is applicable to any other device. Please make sure that the device you’re attempting to pair is switched on. This point cannot be stressed enough.

LG TV Bluetooth Adapter

If you’re looking for a seamless wireless connection to easily link compatible soundbars, sound plates or sound docks to your LG TV without having to fork out thousands on an upgrade, there is a simple option. The LG AN-WF500 wireless Bluetooth USB adapter is a smart tool designed for select 2014 LG TV models. It features standard Bluetooth 3.0, and 2.0 USB to bring you both wifi and Bluetooth technology in a single device. This however should ideally be paired with the LG AN-M500 Magic Remote, which is sold separately. The Magic Remote would also need to be registered on your TV, and this is done by pressing the OK button while pointing the remote towards your TV.

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