How To Connect Firestick To Soundbar

These days our home theater experience has been elevated to new levels due to modern technology that offers incredible features. Two of those devices that improve our lives tenfold over are the Fire TV Stick and the Soundbar. However, if these two devices can be connected and merge their capabilities, it will result in an even better experience.

Is it possible to connect your Firestick to Your Soundbar?

It is not only possible to connect your Fire TV Stick to your Soundbar; it is easy and doesn’t take too much time. By following the step-by-step instructions listed below, it will be a seamless process, and you’ll be enjoying the union of your Fire TV Stick and Soundbar before you know it.

Connecting your Fire TV Stick to your Soundbar step-by-step

  1. Start by Pluging the Fire TV Stick into an outlet by using a USB Adapter.
  2. Switch on your Fire TV Stick. A thin cord comes with the Fire TV Stick. One end fits most USB Adapters, while the other end has been designed to plug into the Fire TV Stick. After that, take the USB adapter and plug it into a power source nearby. It is important to note that the electrical outlet needs to be close to your Soundbar. Another option is bypassing this step and connecting the Fire TV Stick directly to your Soundbar’s USB port. However, this could cause problems with power. Although the Fire TV Sticks are versatile, they have had issues regarding their compatibility, especially when it comes to non-4K TVs which are TVs with resolutions of lower than 4K. Another reason why you would not want to sidestep the first step is that there might not be sufficient power from your Soundbar for the Fire TV Stick to work correctly. Most streaming sticks require a capacity of at least 5V to function correctly. If you are unsure about the specs of your Soundbar, you can either search online for the information or stick to the first step and connect it to a standard power outlet.
  3. Connect your Fire TV Stick to one of your Soundbar’s HDMI Inputs. Typically, you will find at least one HDMI outlet on the back of a Soundbar, although most models come with more than one. You should connect the Fire TV Stick to one of the HDMI inputs. However, here it is essential to look at the inputs and outputs of your Soundbar carefully. The Soundbar has one output labeled “ARC”(Audio Return Channel), and you should not plug your Fire TV Stick into the ARC output, as that is the output that leads to the TV on the next step.
  4. Connect your Soundbar to the TV’s HDMI ARC input using the HDMI OUT or ARC port. This port ensures more advanced communication and control of the devices. You’ll be able to control all of the devices connected with a single remote. That’s the kind of convenience that modern technology is all about.
  5. Change Input source of soundbar. To change your input source, you must go to your Soundbar’s settings menu. This is necessary because your Soundbar will not pick up your Fire TV Stick signal if you don’t. You’ll need to switch the setting of the source to the one that corresponds perfectly with the HDMI input that your Fire TV Stick is plugged into. How many input options you have, depends on how many inputs are on your Soundbar.
  6. Change input source of TV. It is crucial to change the settings of your source on your TV. To find the HDMI input, you’ll have to go into the settings menu. In the settings menu, you should see it called “HDMI ARC.” Select that setting once you’ve found the corresponding HDMI input that the Soundbar is connected to. The TV will then be able to receive the signal from the Soundbar.
  7. After you have completed all of the steps above, you should be able to watch the content of your choice on your TV. Although this might seem straightforward, problems may arise. Other devices don’t always work seamlessly with Fire TV Sticks. If you have picked up any difficulty while trying to connect your Fire TV Stick to your Soundbar, our troubleshooting section might offer a solution.


Unfortunately, even when you follow the directions correctly, you can still be faced with troubles when dealing with technology. The good news is that you can take a few steps to correct the problem that doesn’t involve purchasing any new cables or equipment.

Start by unplugging all of the HDMI cables that you have connected from the Soundbar to the TV. Turn both devices off once the cables have been disconnected. Keep both devices off for a few seconds, allowing enough time for the power cycle to be completed.

What if your Soundbar doesn’t have ARC?

Older Soundbars might not have ARC. The good news is that it is still possible to connect your Fire TV Stick, but the order differs slightly. You need to plug the Fire TV Stick into the TV instead of the Soundbar in this case. The result will be managing the audio through the TV. Then you can output to the Soundbar from a well-placed out port or a different audio-out option.

How do I program my Fire TV Stick remote to my Soundbar?

Going through the effort of programming your Fire TV Stick remote to your Soundbar, is well worth the effort as it results in multiple devices being operated with one remote. You can do this in one of two ways. Although both ways are simple, your TV’s capabilities will determine which method you need to follow.

Method 1: Controlling your Soundbar by using HDMI CEC

This method is only possible if you have an HDMI-ARC input and the Soundbar is connected to it. Therefore, it’s a good idea to refresh the HDMI connection before you add another device. To refresh the connection, unplug the Soundbar from the outlet and wait a couple of minutes before you plug it back in. There should now be an HDMI connection between the TV and Soundbar.

Now you can follow these steps to control your Soundbar by using HDMI CEC.

  1. Select your TV’s settings menu.
  2. Select “display & sounds.”
  3. Switch on the setting “HDMI CEC Device Control.”

A possible problem with this method is that not all TVs are equipped with HDMI CEC. The result is that another method will be needed to get your Fire TV Stick remote to control the volume on the Soundbar.

The second method is to get your Fire TV Stick remote to recognize the new device, the Soundbar. You can do this by going into the TV’s menu settings.

Method 2: You can add your Soundbar under equipment control

If you are unable to use HDMI CEC, you will still be able to control your Soundbar with your Fire TV Stick remote, but you’ll need to use a different method. However, it isn’t any more complex than the other method, and the setup can be completed in a couple of minutes. The steps of the second method are:

  1. Go to Settings on your Fire TV Stick.
  2. Select “equipment control.”
  3. Select “automatic.”

If you have completed those steps and still can’t control the volume on your Soundbar with your Fire TV Stick remote, you’ll need to add it manually.

These are the steps you need to follow to add it manually:

  1. Select “manage equipment” after going to the menu
  2. Select “add equipment.”
  3. Scroll through all the names until you find the brand name of your unit.
  4. Click on the brand name.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Your Fire TV Stick Remote should now be controlling your Soundbar.

What Soundbar works with Fire TV Stick?

Soundbars have the technology to function perfectly with both older and newer televisions. Therefore, you should be able to make any Soundbar work with your Fire TV Stick. The only difference might be the technology you choose to connect the devices, including HDMI cables, Optical Cables, Bluetooth, and WIFI. There is such a vast selection of Soundbars available on the market today. It might be overwhelming when you are faced with such a great selection.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are purchasing a Soundbar:

  1. A good Soundbar has at least 3 channels.
  2. Active Soundbars (Soundbars with built-in amplifiers) are better than passive ones.
  3. Think about where you’ll be placing your Soundbar and look at the options that will fit the dimensions.
  4. Connectivity is important, so consider Soundbars that are enabled with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  5. It’s always a good idea to buy your Soundbar from an authorized dealer.


Your Fire TV Stick has opened a new world of home entertainment for you, and now you can raise the bar by connecting your Soundbar to it. It will bring you the ultimate in-home convenience with the best home theater entertainment options, combined with excellent audio, with you having complete control at your fingertips.

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