Red Coffee Table Design Ideas

I had an idea about redecorating a home theater with a stunning red coffee table. There are so many types and designs of coffee tables it can get confusing. So I had the idea of creating a room with all similar colors except the coffee table.

Red Coffee Table

Red Coffee TableA friend of mine asked me to help her design her home theater with her and I thought of three red coffee table types as soon as she asked. I told her I would be ecstatic to help her with her project. Besides it will give me an excuse to see her more often and catch up on the gossip.

Before I share with you my three favorite types of red coffee tables let me tell you about how I stumbled across this idea in the first place.

Imagine a room that’s all neutral tones except for a bold red coffee table. I think that would make a nice statement and be something people would mention in conversation. The juxtaposition of that red against the neutral colors would make for a nice but not too showy element in the room.

I was walking down the street one day and came across a home that was painted a creme color with black shutters and a bright red front door. I didn’t think anything of it until I got home and I realized I was staring at that bright red front door. It caught my attention and it looked nice!

So with that in mind I decided to apply that same theory to my girlfriends home theater but first I wanted to research a few different red coffee table ideas.

Black and Red Coffee Table

The black and red coffee table interested me because I was under the impression that an all red design might be a little too intrusive. So I set out to dig through a few and see if I like them or not. I like the black and red combination but I ran into a big problem. I could not find any I liked and the selection is limited. Here is one example of a black and red coffee table which is nice but the shape didn’t work for the room. Maybe you could use it for your room?

Red Trunk Coffee Table

These tables are really nice and work well as a design and for the functionality of storage. It’s a great way to add more storage to your room and utilizing extra space you never knew you had. Red trunk coffee tables are the way to go if you like the idea. Click here for an example.

Red Modern Coffee Table

These red modern coffee tables are also hard to find. The design of these coffee tables can be eye catching and can grab the attention of your guests. A red stylish coffee table is a conversation piece and can be used to focus attention to any area you place it. Click here to see the model I was thinking about. Here is one that I found interesting.

There are plenty places you can surf the web to find these three suggestions. I like using Amazon but you can try wayfair or hayneedle or target etc. There are plenty of online portals to choose from when searching for a red coffee table.

I finally chose the red trunk coffee table for my friends home theater decor. The theme for the room was more rustic and the other two were more for a modern and sleek design which didn’t fit the rustic flavor of the room.

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