Soundbar With Voice Clarity

A soundbar is a speaker system that can be placed under a television or monitor. They are usually connected under the TV and have two or more speakers. However, they often lack voice clarity and quality in sound due to their minimal speaker set up.

The contrast between soundbars and traditional home theater systems is that they don’t have specific speakers for specific sounds. Soundbars usually lack a dedicated center speaker. The center speaker is what drives most of the dialogue and is placed right in front of your seating position.

The reason a soundbar may not have voice clarity is because soundbars are not equipped as well as a traditional home theater. So certain sounds need to be delivered by speakers in a soundbar. Where as certain sounds get delivered by a speaker or channel in a traditional setup.

Its the lack of channels in a soundbar setup versus the available channels a traditional setup offers. To offset this shortfall some soundbars have a built in speaker just for dialogue. Still some other soundbars rely on technology to deliver voice clarity.

Below are 10 examples of soundbars that are designed to deliver better voice clarity. Some have a dedicated center channel/speaker while others advertise voice enhancement technology.


Yamaha YAS-209

Clear Voice For Enhanced Dialogue Clarity


Samsung HW-Q60T

Adaptive Sound Technology


Sony HT-S350

Voice Enhancement


Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR

Voice Adjust Technology


Sonos Beam

Center Channel


Vizio V51-H6

Dialogue Enhancement Mode


Samsung HW-Q900A

Active Voice Amplifier and a Voice Enhancement Technology


Bose Smart Soundbar 700

Dedicated Center Channel


Samsung HW-Q800A

Center Channel


Sony HT-G700

Center Speaker

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