Glass Top Coffee Table Showdown

glass top coffee tableOne of the best purchases I ever made was a glass top coffee table. As I redecorated my home theater I considered getting one for the den and Living room. Let me show you the three I considered in my research and why I chose the one I did.

In the meantime allow me to explain why I needed a glass top coffee table to begin with.

I was redecorating my home theater with my sister a few months ago but I was only in the planning stages at this moment. The flooring I chose for the home theater is beautiful and took a big chunk of our budget. Yes it was costly but worth it.

The flooring I designed happen to be ceramic tile with a round mosaic inlay right where the coffee table was going to sit. The inlay is blue with a schooner swishing through the waves. It’s gorgeous and expensive so I did not want to hide it.

Well after going to a few showrooms and browsing coffee tables It dawned on me to get one made of glass so as not to cover up the beautiful mosaic inlay. I got the ideas and then proceeded to surf the web.

So here are the three styles I feel are the best for my coffee table showdown.

Round Glass Top Coffee Table

I like the round style glass top which will fit into my space perfectly as a design but not functionally. The round shape matches the organic nature of the other furniture in the room but there are limitations to this shape. The longer you go across the deeper it gets. So I wanted to cover the fairly long couch with a spot for people to put their drinks while sitting but I did not want to sacrifice floor space.

So how do you solve the issue of having a round table that does not get to big and still conserves floor space? Well keep reading but first let me show you my second choice I was considering but did not get.

Coffee Table Made with a Black Glass Top

This coffee table was very nice and sleek. I was considering something black because theglass-top-coffee-table room is designed to be dark which allows for better viewing of movies. Dark surfaces makes to room nice and dark so the movie, or game you are watching really pops. The black glass top coffee table was a close second because it looked really nice but in the end I chose not to go with it.

First the tinted glass was sleek but it didn’t show the inlay as much as I would like and second I felt the home theater already had enough dark tones and adding another dark piece would be too much.

So I decided to go with something that resolved the dark problem and the size restriction problem.

Coffee Table Designed with Oval Glass Top

After all that I decided to purchase the oval glass top coffee table because it meets my two main requirements and it gives the theater pizzazz.

Requirement number one is, to get something that didn’t cover the schooner inlay. This does it perfectly with the clear glass top. It also has minimal black wrought iron framing and legs that support it.

Requirement number two is, it needed to span across the whole couch but not get too big in the process. The oval does this perfectly. It spans the whole length of the couch allowing for a place to set drinks. The oval design keeps it from getting too wide and cumbersome preventing it from eating up too much floor space.

The Winner Was Obvious

That was a bit of a research project just for a coffee table but in the end it was well worth it. My choice for the oval design was exactly what the room called for and it looks fabulous. I can not wait to have friends and family over for the next game. During the holidays the Christmas music and movies will be pumping from the theater room.

They say people spend the most time in the kitchen but after they see this awesome home theater they might be torn where to hang out.

If you would like to see these glass top coffee tables a little closer to get the specs, and get a feel for what they are click the following links.

Contender Number 1

Contender Number 2