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Troubleshooting Tips for When Your Vizio TV Remote Isn’t Working

Have you been unable to get your Vizio TV remote to work properly? When your remote control isn’t functioning properly, it may be a very frustrating experience. You are in luck since there are a few measures you may do to troubleshoot it before you make the decision to replace it. In this post, we will discuss some of the most typical problems that occur with the Vizio TV remote, as well as some troubleshooting suggestions that can assist you in restoring functionality to your remote.

Common Issues with Vizio TV Remote

The failure of your Vizio TV remote to respond to the commands you provide is by far the most prevalent problem with this device. This could be due to a number of different issues, such as faulty remote controls, dead batteries, or an adjustment that has to be made to the settings.

It’s also conceivable that the sensor on your TV is broken, which would explain why your remote control isn’t working. This problem is especially prevalent with older generations of Vizio televisions. If you are having issues with your remote, you should examine your television more closely to ensure that the sensor is not the source of the issue.

Two Quickies

Checking the batteries is the first thing you should do if you’re having problems with the remote for your Vizio TV. If the batteries in your remote control are dead or low, it won’t be able to connect effectively with your television. To examine the batteries, open the compartment where they are stored and check that they are not stale and that their connections are secure. Replace the batteries if they are dead and give the remote another shot after you have done so.

The next thing to do, if the batteries are in good shape, is to reset the remote. You can accomplish this by depressing and maintaining pressure on the power button for ten seconds. The remote control will be reset by doing this, and with any luck, it will begin functioning normally again.

TV Settings

If restarting the remote doesn’t fix the problem, the next thing to try is adjusting the settings on your television. It is conceivable that the settings are what are stopping your remote from functioning in the correct manner. You can check the settings by going to the menu labeled Settings on your TV and looking for any choices that could be preventing your remote from functioning properly.

If you discover any settings that might be contributing to the issue, try adjusting them, and then give the remote another shot after that. If that doesn’t solve the problem, then you should try using a different remote control.

Try a Different Remote

If adjusting the settings on your television doesn’t solve the issue, it’s likely that the remote control is broken. Try out a new remote control to determine whether or not this method is effective. If the second remote is functional, it indicates that the first remote, which you are using, is likely broken and has to be replaced.

If neither of the remote controls function, the next step is to examine the sensor that is built into your television set. It is possible that the sensor is not functioning correctly, which would prevent it from recognizing the signal transmitted by the remote control.

Check the Sensor

If you want to check the sensor, look at the bottom of your TV and make sure the sensor is clear and uncluttered. This will allow you to check the sensor. It will not be able to detect the signal from your remote if the sensor is obstructed in any way, including being dirty. After you’ve cleaned the sensor, give the remote another go.

If the sensor has been thoroughly cleaned but the TV still isn’t functioning properly, the next thing to try is updating the TV’s software. Doing so will verify that the sensor is operating correctly and that your remote can successfully communicate with your television set.

Update the Firmware

Bringing your TV’s firmware up to date is a simple and straightforward process. Get the most recent firmware by going to the support page for your TV on the Vizio website and following the instructions there. After the firmware has been downloaded, you will need to install it on your TV by following the on-screen instructions. After the firmware has been installed, you should try using your remote once more to verify if it still functions properly.

The replacement of the remote is the final option to try if the firmware upgrade does not resolve the issue. It is conceivable that the remote is broken and needs to be replaced even if the other troubleshooting methods were unsuccessful.

Replace the Remote

If nothing else works, it’s probably time to get a new remote for your TV. You can purchase a replacement remote either online or in an electronics retailer near you. Be careful you get a model that is suitable for use with your television. After you have the new remote in your possession, set it up by following the instructions that came with it, and give it a try with your television.


Don’t freak out if the remote control for your Vizio TV stops working. You can get it to start functioning normally again by following a few different troubleshooting methods. First, make sure the batteries are still good and then reset the remote. If it does not work, you should then try a different remote control and check the settings on your television. If the sensor is the source of the problem, then you should clean it and upgrade the firmware. If none of the other troubleshooting steps work, your remote control may need to be replaced.

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