Audiophile Headphones To Consider

Are you tired of listening to awful sound? Hearing crappy sounds is one of the biggest problems we all have faced in our life. Nothing is better than listening to quality sound music.

Ultimate quality and sound equipment are necessary for all music and game lovers. It is hard to find great sound-quality headphones. However, if you are looking for the best Audiophile Headphones, you are on the right page.

We have selected the products based on their quality, performance, and ratings. In this article, you will get the top-tier sound headphones on the market.

1. Edifier H840 Audiophile Headphone:

The 1st in our list of best Audiophile Headphones is Edifier H840. An over-the-ear headphone that produces a powerful quaity sound. With modern design, leather ear cups, and 40m driver units H840 gives the best listening experience. Ergonomic design and headstand flexibility are designed to provide natural sound for everyday music to enjoy.

Moreover, there is 6ft attached cable for space and strength. Will it hurt your ear cups? No, ear cups are made of leather for a calm and relaxing experience. Therefore, power, and high-quality sound will be in your life for a long time.


Fine ergonomic design.

Soft Leather ear cups for comfort.

Best for everyday music listening.


Doesn’t completely cancel noise

2. Sennheiser HD 600 Audiophile headphone:

Sennheiser HD 600 has all the ingredients to be your favorite Audiophile headphone. Top-tier sound equipment has a dynamic open head design, but they do leak some sound. It is lightweight and has the softest earpiece covers for smooth and professional stereo sound hearing. Moreover, you will love the beautiful finish in black and gray color. 

The audio sensitivity is up to 97 DB which makes it impressive noise-canceling equipment. It has a 4.8-star rating with 1900+ purchases. HD 600 elegant design and aluminum magnets cancel any disturbing sound and you will hear a clean professional tunes.


Lightweight and relaxing earpieces 

Perfect for musicians 

2-year warranty


Leaks outside noise 


If your headphone doesn’t cover the ear’s diaphragm properly you will hear awful sound. That’s why HIFIAMN HE400SE is specifically built to cover the diaphragm for great sounding. This feature is called planar sound headphones. 

The built-in magnet wired feature enables the sound waves to travel smoothly without causing any sound problems. You will hear perfect beats, tunes and studio music. If you are looking for headphones perfect for a podcast, song recording, or watching movies and games. Adjust the headband to your head and listen to pleasurable tunes for hours without any interference. 


Planar Technology Headphone.

High sensitivity and Comfortable.

Durable and perfect for a music studio.


Weak Sub-bass

Lacks depth in soundstage due to open back

4. Sennheiser HD 560 S Audiophile Headphones

 Sennheiser HD 560 S refers to the E.A.R technology premium headphone. Their acoustic linear performance allows us to listen to clear, smooth and strong sub-bass. Its ability to showcase music enthusiasts’ true tune with remarkable sound technology. 

Moreover, Wide Open-back ear cups make it easy for the production team to listen to top-tier sound effects at the highest level. It’s a better alternative if you didn’t like HIFIMAN HE400SE in terms of sub-bass. You will have a detachable cable feature in it for a better experience at work or home. 


Perfect for live streamers

Modern E.A.R Technology 

Lightweight and detachable cable


No microphone

5. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Black (limited edition)

DT 770 PRO has great built-in features such as closed over-ear headphones, low bass, and hi-fi classic. It is best for all the music technicians or studio recording features. They provide the softest and most clean sound quality for a long period. 

With great comfort, it gives the best sounding experience for long hours of music, gaming, and watching movies at home. With over 4.7 star rating and 20,000+ purchases speaks for itself. You will be going to enjoy some disturbance-free ear catchy sounds. There are three different versions in 80 ohms, 32ohm, and 250 ohms respectively.


A high pleasurable audio experience 

Comfortable to wear for hours

Best studio and technical sound.


May feel a little tight on head.

Are Audiophile Headphones worth it?

Yes, Absolutely! If you want to hear top-tier sound, music and durable premium quality headphone for the long term in the future. They have strong clear sound features that you do not find in typical headphones. Moreover, built-in features make it extra sound shiny perfect for music and gaming career. 

Are Audiophile Headphones GOOD for gaming?

Yes, they are highly recommended for all the gamers out there. A professional gaming journey is not complete without an ear-catching sound. You probably heard of lame sound headphones that would cost bucks, but have no results.

Final Thoughts: 

Everything we listed in this article has all the features that will make you consider headphones with high-quality sound. Your love for music, and gaming sound will be higher as compared to before in typical headphones. The price range varies, from cheap to expensive.

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