Samsung Surround Sound Rear Speakers Not Working

There could be a number of causes for your Samsung rear speakers to be having troubles, and those issues could show up in any of the following situations:

Your TV and speakers cannot be connected.

Other audio components, such as a subwoofer, cannot be connected.

Although it shows that the speakers are connected, nothing audible is playing.

No matter how the problem appears, there are a few troubleshooting actions you may do to attempt and get your system back up and running. However, these troubleshooting methods are covered in this article.

Why won’t my rear surround sound speakers work

Rear speakers are there to fill within the spaces when your front ones can’t provide sufficient sound to create an impact. It can be simple to miss the significance of these speakers, even when they’re working properly. A hiccup in your sound can make your soundtrack appear tiny, and your diversions sound like they’re coming from a diverse room.

If your rear surround speakers are not working, it’s most likely due to a terrible connection, flawed wires, unintelligible tracks, defective speakers, or terrible settings.

In some cases, having the rear speakers on the off-base channel will send the soundtrack to all speakers, but your rear surround speakers. Presently, why would this happen to a great home theater? One reason is due to minor blunders within the setup process. Perhaps you connected the correct wires into the wrong inputs. Or possibly, you’ve got some loose wires within the setup. Both issues can cause rear surround speakers to fall flat to operate

There is no doubt that there are many things in the room that can hinder the sound of a good Samsung rear speaker, but these speakers must be connected in phases. The connections on the back of the receiver are arranged in the same way.

If it is reversed, the channel will be out of phase and it will be difficult to hear. If your system sounds weak or muffled, the most important thing to check is that your speakers are connected properly.

How do I reset my Samsung rear speakers

Unplug the soundbar and/or speakers, the subwoofer, and the rear speakers for 30 seconds, at that point plug them back in.

Another thing you would like to do is check that your AV receiver is plugged into a good outlet and the speaker wires have been legitimately pushed in (if you’re utilizing banana plugs).

The other possibility is that the proper settings in your receiver have not been tested.

Explore the on-screen settings menu, and begin testing distinctive speaker settings.

In a few cases, you’ll get to physically allot speakers to certain channels, and in others, the source material may not be able to play within the speaker setup you’ve got.

Miswired speakers are most likely not going to work as they should. The same is true for rear surround sound speakers.

Unplug the system and plug it into another outlet.

How do you test Samsung rear surround speakers

In Stop mode, press the MENU button. Press the Cursor ▼button to move to Sound and after that press the ENTER button. Press the Cursor ▼button to move to TEST TONE, after that, press the ENTER button.

To test if the subwoofer is working we suggest you play a Blu-ray or UHD DVD motion picture with a bounty of explosions and put your hand on the subwoofer. You ought to feel vibrations as the unit gets and transmits the approaching sound from the substance.

Another great test is to play music with a heavy bass.

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