Can You Put a Soundbar Behind You

Let’s all agree that a soundbar is very useful whether you’re spending cozy time watching a series at home alone, or enjoying a movie night with your friends. It’s interesting how it adds up to the existing sound of the TV, and makes the experience a whole lot fun.

But the question that stands here is can you put a soundbar behind you? It’s not common for people to try placing soundbars in different positions. We all settle once we hear audio and then sit back and continue having fun. Technically, you can place the soundbar anywhere as long as it connects to the TV.

In this article, we’ll discuss different views regarding the position of a soundbar; whether it should be placed in front of you or at the back. You might get some handy tips for plans, so stick together till the end.

Why Would You Need a Soundbar Behind You

When setting up the sound system in your room, it’s ideal you’ll place the soundbar in front of you, or near the TV. However, at times, you might feel the need to place it behind you.

These times count for when there is a lot of carpeting or furniture near the TV and you would feel like the sound would get muffled in all of that. If you have a space behind your sitting area, and the connection wires are long enough, you might think that the best place to put a soundbar is behind you. Also, when you have a limited space near your TV, your thoughts shoot directly to placing it behind you.

However, a soundbar works when sound waves travel in a straight line and bounce off the walls and surroundings of your room. If you place the soundbar behind the couch you’re sitting on, then the couch would act as a barrier between the soundbar and your ears.

There could be several barriers and the sound might not create the right angles for you to experience the best sound quality when placed behind you. Reflection by the ceiling, floor, and other furniture can result in an unclear sound. However many modern soundbars allow you to place them at the back of the room.

Does a Soundbar Need To Be In Front Of You?

The ideal place for a soundbar to be is in front of you, near the TV. That is also why theatres have their audio system set up in the front so the sound can reach out to a maximum number of people.

There are different places you can put your soundbar in front of you such as:

Under the TV: this location depends on your TV height. If the TV is higher or mounted on the wall, then you should prefer setting the soundbar below the TV.

Above the TV: if you have a TV that’s not as high, then you can place the soundbar above the TV, or mount it on the wall. Just make sure the soundbar is linear to your ear level to experience the best sound quality. You can try using high couches, or low consoles.

On the floor: this might not be a really good idea unless you have placed it a few inches above the floor to meet your ear level.

Behind the TV: placing the soundbar behind the TV is a bad idea since it will be troublesome to control it via remote the TV itself will block the sound waves.

Best Mounting Positions Behind You

If you have decided to place the soundbar behind you, then try considering the tips mentioned below for a better experience:

Mount the soundbar on a wall linear to your ear-level behind you.

Place it on a table behind you so it matches your ear level.

Clear all the clutter in front of the soundbar and make sure there are no blockages.

Use a wireless soundbar and mount it on the wall behind you.

All you need to do is take care of two main things if you want to experience the best sound quality: the height of the sound soundbar is placed, and the blockages. Ensure that wherever you mount the soundbar, it should be near your ear level. Too much above or below may disrupt the sound quality.

If there are blockages in front of the speaker such as a person, a TV, a couch, a wall, or anything, then the sound will get absorbed and you might not be able to get the best experience.

Recommended Soundbars For Back Of Room

Since there are various modern soundbars suitable for different purposes, you can get amazing soundbars that you can place at the back of your room. These are engineered to work efficiently and provide the best sound quality. Let’s look at the top three best soundbars.

Vizio Elevate

Vizio Elevate is a great soundbar that is known for its excellent diversity in sound quality. It has sides that automatically move upwards on certain sounds, so placing it at the back would be a good idea. With its elegant design and extra boom in the bass range, you can get it for under $1000.

Samsung HW-Q900A

With its high-performance and control features, you can get the best experience with it whether you’re watching a movie or jamming to a song. It has built-in Amazon Alexa voice control, numerous speakers, and plenty of deep basses. You can place it behind you and have a joyful time without worrying about the sound quality. Get all the amazing features for just under $1000.

Sony HT-A7000

Sony is another famous brand when it comes to technology. It is wireless and has Bluetooth, airplay, Alexa, and Google Assistant features as well. With its robust low-end and feature-rich abilities, you can place it at the back of your room. Its integrated sub is much more impressive and easier to control. The Sony HT-A7000 is an all-in-one performer with excellent integration. It might be a little expensive around $1300 but it is worth it.

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