How To Adjust Bass On Sony Home Theater

Sony is one of the industry’s pioneers in both the consumer and professional audio sectors worldwide. Moreover, the company has decades of expertise in the audio business.

Because Sony has introduced numerous home entertainment systems in such a way, it has made it exceedingly difficult for customers to select the ideal model for their needs.

Today, we go through the topic of how to adjust the bass on sony home theater. Let’s start the journey!

Quick Fix: Sony Home Theater Bass Adjustment

There are a few steps in modifying the bass settings on your Sony home entertainment system. However, you’ll need to locate your receiver’s “Bass” control to begin.

The receiver’s volume control is often located on the device’s front panel. Check there first. The “Bass” control may be adjusted by turning it up or down, depending on how much of a bass presence you want your song to have.

You’ll need to increase the “Bass” setting if you want to hear more bass. Turning down the “Bass” setting is the only way to get less bass. The “Bass Boost” option on your receiver may also be used to modify the bass. Increase your system’s bass without cranking up the “Bass” setting utilizing this feature.

For best results, you should first set the “Bass” control to your liking before adjusting the “Treble” control. The “Treble” knob is usually found next to the “Bass” knob on the receiver’s rear. For optimal stereo imaging, use the “Balance” control after adjusting the “Treble” control to your desired level.

To ensure the sound is neither excessively loud nor too quiet, you need first to adjust the “Bass,” “Treble,” and “Volume” settings to get the desired balance. The “Volume” knob is often found on the front of the receiver, between the “Bass” and “Treble” knobs.


To watch a DVD on your Sony home theater, you must select “DVD” as the “Input.” Volume control is typically located close to this control on the receiver’s front panel. You can play a DVD by inserting it into the “Input” and pressing the “Play” button.

Using your Sony home theater to play music, you’ll need to select “CD” as the “Input.” Volume control is normally located near this control on the receiver’s front panel. You can play a CD by inserting it into the “Input” and pressing the “Play” button.

How to Adjust Bass on Sony Home Theater with Remote

The subwoofer is a speaker used to play low-frequency or bass sounds. When the sound from the input source has less bass, it may not be easy to detect the sound from the subwoofer.

Follow these instructions to adjust the Sony home theater’s bass using the remote:

To increase the subwoofer’s volume, use the remote control to click the + button of the SW (subwoofer volume). This will bring up the volume.


The button’s name differs based on the model (subwoofer volume, BASS, etc.).

Turn off the Night mode if it is currently set to the ON position.


Please refer to the product handbook for further information on the Night mode.

To determine whether or not the subwoofer is producing any sound, you should try playing the test tone or the built-in demo music.

How to Adjust Bass on Sony Home Theater without Remote

The Sony soundbar’s remote control applications are one of its most excellent features, and you can get them free from the app store (Google Play or Apple Store).

It is imperative that you select the appropriate application for your soundbar. Then you don’t need the remote to adjust the bass in your Sony home theater.

The soundbar is controlled by the app using an IR sensor. Therefore you must have an IR-capable phone. Your mobile device and soundbar must be close enough for the signal to bounce between the two.

Ensure your mobile device’s IR capabilities are operating before installing the app. The next step is to grab your mobile device and download the application. Open the remote control app and attempt to switch on the soundbar.

If the downloaded software doesn’t function, try downloading another Sony remote app.

How do I Modify the Equalizer on my Bass at Home Theater

Depending on how your home theater system is configured, the ideal approach to tune your bass equalization will be different for everyone. Moreover, a universal solution to this problem does not exist.

However, the following are some pointers for fine-tuning your home theater’s bass equalizer:

First, place all EQ bands in the center/flat position.

After that, you may change the bass frequencies in your home theater to suit your preferences.

Consider how the system’s other frequencies will be affected when you modify the bass frequencies.

Finally, don’t be afraid to play with the equalization settings until you get the sound you want for your home theater.

How do I Make my Bass Darker

There are several techniques to darken your bass:

Remove high frequencies by using a low pass filter.

Make your sound muddy by using a bitcrusher to lower the bit depth of your signal.

Make your sound grittier and more overdriven by using a distortion effect.

Use an impulse response convolution reverb with a dingy, muddy tone.



Following the abovementioned methods, your Sony home entertainment system should have the bass levels you like. When it comes to bass, following procedures will help you achieve the sound you want.

We recommend the Sony SACS9 10-Inch Active Subwoofer if you want to tweak the bass on your Sony home theater system. With a 10-inch cone and 200 watts of power, this subwoofer is a great way to give your home cinema system a little additional punch.

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