How To Connect Iphone To Stereo Amplifier

Many people use their iphone to serve as an entertainment center.
You can play videos or audio from your iPhone via a sound system. However if you want to broadcast your content through your amplifier you will need to connect it properly for it to work.The iPhone has an audio jack that will drive the stereo amplifier auxiliary input. After you connect the smartphone, the amplifier fills the room with your favorite content.

Here are some easy to follow instructions to learn how to connect your iPhone to your stereo amplifier system:

RCA Cable

You have to buy the RCA cable to connect your phone to the stereo amplifier. It has two ends that have been made differently. One end of the cable has a 3.5mm headphone jack. On the other end of the RCA cable, there are two RCA connectors. They are plugged directly behind your stereo amplifier.

Most stereo amplifiers have RCA inputs; they are standard inputs placed behind the stereos. It offers the best audio quality. After first plugging into your iPhone headphone jack, the other two connectors are plugged into the back of your Stereo Amplifier. make sure white goes to white and red goes to red. Typically, the input used is AUX-IN; however, the CD-INPUT, TV-IN, TAPE-IN, DVD-IN, or even the AUX-IN can also work properly. Make sure you select the matching output on the front of your amp to the hookup on the back. For example if you connect to the CD input make sure your selector is playing CD.

To achieve the best sound quality while using the RCA cable connection make sure you set the iPhone volume to half. If you put it too loud, you’ll hear distortions, and if too low, it can produce some hiss and noise.

Wireless Bluetooth Adapter

You can connect to some amplifiers via bluetooth. Your iphone should have bluetooth capability. The connection from iphone to amplifier should be seamless without any hiccups. You just turn on the bluetooth of your amp and then on your iphone. Or try the other way around. Your amplifier should have bluetooth built in. If it does not you can purchase a bluetooth adapter. Some of these adapters are a small unit that receives the signal from your iphone and hooks up to one of your audio inputs on the back. Just like the rca plug but this time you dont have a wire to your iphone. The RCA cable is used to connect most Bluetooth receivers to stereo amplifiers. The Bluetooth adapter uses power to function; some have long-lasting batteries, while others will require a USB or wall plug for charging. Once the connections are made, you can pair your iPhone with the amplifier to enjoy the music or video.

Note that Bluetooth adapters or receivers have a variety of shapes, features, and sizes. Therefore, be aware to get an adapter that is compatible with your equipment.

WI-FI Adapter

Bluetooth may not give the best quality of music. If you are an audiophile or music enthusiast you can use adapters that work well with WI-FI. There are wireless adapters that transmit audio from your iPhone to the stereo amplifier. There is no compression, and the quality of the audio is top-notch. In addition to that, typically, wireless networks have a more significant range than what Bluetooth offers.

If purchasing a stereo amplifier, some companies are adding an AIRPLAY on some of them. An amplifier has an in-built Wi-Fi receiver; therefore, you can get one without losing on quality.

At this point, you don’t require to connect any cables. For the Bluetooth adapters mentioned earlier, the Wi-Fi type will also connect via RCA connectors or digital optical cable. Unlike Bluetooth, double check that the wireless networks are compatible. For instance, the Airplay will only work with Apple products. Simultaneously, other adapters may have features that support Play-Fi, DLNA, or generally, the Wi-Fi connectivity via a proprietary app.

Once again, music enthusiasts should double-check the compatibility of their devices. Music-related iPhone apps are not all designed to stream and recognize each other.

Tablet or Phone Dock

If you have one already you can hookup your sound dock to your amplifier. It is just like hooking up directly with RCA cables but now theres a dock involved. The dock just makes it easier to view the current song playing and keep your phone or tablet off the ground or table. It is a better option for those of you who tend to forget where your phone is.

Some docks are manufactured for specific devices. Make sure your dock is compatible with your device. Apple makes docks only for Apple devicesand there might even be a discrepancy between Apploe devices themselves. Even if it says made for Appleon the box make sure it matches up with your Apple device.

If you are frugal you can make your own dock. You probably have one in your cupboard right now. What you do is connect your iphone to your stereo via wired, bluetooth or WIFI and prop your phone up in a clear glass or prop your tablet up on a picture frame holder or napkin holder.

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