How To Connect Sound Bar To Denon Receiver

A soundbar is a kind of loudspeaker that projects sound through a large enclosure. Soundbars are all-in-one speaker systems that can provide top-quality sound without overstressing the space and its complexity.

The receiver is the heart of your system of entertainment at home, it could be an issue when you aren’t sure how to connect it. For those who are new to the world, we are aware of the confusion. We’ve put together an easy guide to guide you to connect your soundbar using a variety of methods,

Types of Soundbars

They both can connect to a receiver, however, an active soundbar will be more compatible with active ones since they were never intended to be used in this manner. This is because active soundbars were intended to contain everything you require in one gadget.

Active soundbars

Active soundbars include everything you need in one package. They include digital decoders, surround-sound capabilities as well as internal amplifiers. These soundbars were intended to be incorporated into a larger system. Because they lack an internal amplifier they require an external source to create the highest quality sound.

Passive soundbar

A passive soundbar is connected to the other speakers for surround sound linked with the receiver to effortlessly create great sound quality. To enjoy the highest quality sound of a passive soundbar every channel must connect to an external receiver or amplifier. Passive soundbars can be more expensive as compared to other top soundbars in terms of cost, but it is also due to their superior quality.

Can I use a soundbar instead of a center speaker

The soundbar is not able to replace a center speaker, but it will not compromise the sound quality. The use of a soundbar as an alternative to a central speaker can cause a loss in sound quality, it can even cause damage to the equipment you use. To know why using a speaker to serve as a substitute for your center channel is not a good idea, you have to understand the way soundbars operate.

It is possible to use a soundbar as a center speaker and especially when the receiver and the speaker’s connections are in perfect alignment. But, the technology of a soundbar means that this connection cannot provide high-quality sound and could damage any part or all that comprise your sound system.

Can you make a soundbar as center speaker

You can indeed use the soundbar to act as a center speaker. To do this, you’ll need to connect it to other components of your system, either in one or three channels format.

To first connect your soundbars as a central speaker, you must connect the necessary equipment to your soundbar, known as one channel connection. However you can utilize the right, left and center channels independently using receiver signal connections to each channel which is known as a 3-channel link.

How do I use my soundbar as a center channel

A soundbar can be used as an audio center channel with HDMI cables, AUX cables RCA cables, or by making use of optical cables. It is also possible to connect directly the soundbar to an audio center channel.

Soundbars and speakers are available in different dimensions. Their sound quality varies depending on the size and the quality and clarity of sound be dependent on which receiver you attached to the soundbar.

If you want to use the soundbar as your central channel speaker, your receiver must include a pre-out to the center channel, as well as the RCA or 3.5mm input for the soundbar itself.

How do I connect my soundbar to my home theater

It is possible to connect the soundbar to the home theater via connecting it with an optical cable. Connect one end of the cable to the optical out port of the digital version on the receiver and the other end to the optical input port in the soundbar. This receiver naturally requires an optical out digital port.

A soundbar is an easy way to enhance the sound quality of your TV while giving a great immersive sound experience. If you have one or another reason, you might want the soundbar connected with an audio receiver.

To connect a soundbar with the home theater, you’ll first have to decide about the goal, as it isn’t a standard procedure. Think about the kind of soundbar being considered and confirm the presence of the required options and port on your device and then purchase the appropriate cables for connecting.

The role of the Center Channel Speaker in Home Theater


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Positions shifts in listening

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How to connect soundbar to denon receiver

It is possible to connect the soundbar to a receiver via connecting an optical cord. Connect one end of the cable to the optical output port of the digital model on the receiver, and the other to the optical input port in the soundbar. It will naturally require an optical out port that is digital.

Due to the many digital and analog sources that you’re likely to include in your setup, I’d suggest purchasing an additional multichannel speaker system or a soundbar that has passive surround speakers and a powered subwoofer for connection directly to your Denon receiver.


Soundbars are fantastic devices that can enhance your dull television sound. They’re small, simple to set up, and require a few wires. The soundbars of today are priced reasonably and will not cost you excessively unless you decide to purchase a high-end model.

This is because the receiver is equipped with more inputs, which lets you connect more devices that are moving through simultaneously. If your devices all work together, you could experience even better audio.

Setting up and connecting an audio receiver to a soundbar is also a breeze and all you require are the correct cables. After connecting everything to the correct ports, you’re set to go

If you’re looking to improve your audio experience for every day watching TV this soundbar is the ideal upgrade.

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