How to Connect Vizio Soundbar To Dish Remote

DirecTV owners love the idea of being able to connect all devices with one remote but do not know how! The process is simple, but all steps must be done carefully. One little mistake and your whole effort will all go in vain. Moreover, how to connect the Vizio soundbar to the dish remote also depends on the soundbar.

Your sound bar should have IR to connect to the DirecTV remote. Vizio Soundbar comes with a tiny IR receiver which you can access right next to the volume indicator.

Before moving on to the step-by-step tutorial, let us first discuss the benefits of connecting your soundbar to the DirecTV remote.

Benefits of Connecting your Vizio Soundbar to Dish Remote

Having a complete home theater requires a lot of devices like one for visuals and one for audio etc. It makes the whole setup not only complex but also difficult to control. This is one reason why people connect DirecTV remote with their sound bar, and there can be many others. Ultimately, the setup where you can control all devices with one remote is easy to deal with. You can enjoy your entertainment sessions without having to be troubled by controls every other minute.

Considering the need for controlling all devices with one remote, DirecTV introduced universal remotes. These remotes contain the ability to be connected to more than one device. No extra controllers, thus no trouble in the middle of your favorite movie.

Before diving into the process of connecting Vizio Soundbar to your DirecTV remote, let us first go through its benefits.

1- Simplicity

A home theater should be detailed but not complicated. Using one remote will make the whole setup efficient, even in minimalism.

Connecting your DirecTV remote to your sound bar will allow you to control your TV, the cable box, and the volume level, all from one controller.

2- No Chance of Getting Lost

It is a problem in every household that the remotes get lost. It is easier to save one remote from getting misplaced compared to many.

The list of benefits can go on because there are so many. You can do a lot by connecting your DirecTV remote to the soundbar, from impressing your guests to not letting them get confused between remotes and saving space on the table.

How to Connect Your Vizio Soundbar to Your DirecTV Remote

No rocket science is involved in connecting your DirecTV remote to the Vizio sound bar. The whole process, narrated below, is painless and relatively smooth.

There are two ways to make this connection happen. One is to use the automatic functionalities, while the second involves manual functioning. If the former does not work, you will move to the latter. The process applies to only the latest versions of Genie remote. If you have a relatively old one, you must work on the programming codes to make this connection happen.

Let us now dive into the step-by-step guide!

To program a remote to connect it to a sound bar, you must turn its RF mode on. Here is how to do it!

Step 1. After pointing the remote to the Genie cable box, press and hold the Mute and Enter buttons simultaneously.

Step 2. As a result of the above action, a green light will pop on the remote. Please wait for it to flash twice, then let go of the buttons.

Step 3. A notification will appear on the screen saying, Applying IR / RF Setup. The RF mode is on.

Let us now discuss how to connect it to the Vizio Soundbar!

Step 1. Turn the sound bar on.

Step 2. Find the Menu tab on the remote and press it.

Step 3. Now click Settings > Remote Control > Program Remote.

Step 4. As a result of the above action, it will be showing the devices; select the one you want to control.

Now the process is complete. The rest will be done by following the on-screen prompts.

Programming of the Genie Remote Manually

Many people complain about being unable to accomplish the standard setup. There can be any reason for that. Just follow the below-mentioned tutorial instead of the previous one.

Just like the standard setup, you must also turn the RF mode on for this one. But the process it will follow is slightly different.

The first two steps will be the same: to point the remote to the Genie cable box and press the Mute and Enter buttons until a green light flashes at the top twice.

The next step is to type in the 961 code and press Enter. Then, click OK, and that is it! It will notify you that the DirecTV remote is now set up for RF.

Now that the RF mode is on, you need to connect it to the soundbar. The connecting process will also be the same as discussed above for the standard setup.

Turn the sound bar on, click Menu > Settings > Remote Control > Program Remote, and select the Vizio soundbar.

Final Words

No need to scratch your head over your DirecTV remote now that you have a detailed and easy-to-follow guide. The whole step follows two processes. One process is to program the DirecTV remote so that its RF mode is on. It allows the remote to make a connection to another device. There are two ways to do so, one by simply going to settings and the other by typing in the code.

Another setup process involves turning the sound bar on and connecting it to the remote. This process, however, follows the same way no matter what remote programming method you choose.

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