How To Connect Yamaha Soundbar to Roku TV

There are various ways to establish connectivity between your Roku TV to a Yamaha Soundbar and attain a seamless flow of audio connection.  The most common and proven seamless way of connection is utilizing the HDMI ARC port (High Definition Multimedia Interface-Audio Return Channel).

This is the most common and widely used for transferring HD signal both audio and video through the use of a single cable from one device to another.

Plug your HDMI cable into your Roku TV HMDI ARC/eARC port and plug the other end of the cable into your Yamaha Sound Bar HDMI ARC port.

Before you can fully utilize your soundbar you need to enable your HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) which is responsible for sending an on and off command signal to your soundbar when you turn on your Roku Tv and as well as a turn off command whenever your Roku TV is off also.

To enable HDMI-CEC

1. On your Roku TV remote press Home and Scroll and select Setting.

2. Select System and select Control Other Devices (CEC)

3. Scroll and highlight System Audio Control.

4. Check the box to enable System Audio Control and highlight 1-Touch Play then check the box to enable 1-Touch Play.

To enable your ARC on Roku TV if it is disabled by default

1. Press the Home scroll and select Settings

2. Select System and then Control other Devices (CeC)

3. Scroll and highlight ARC and check the box to enable ARC.

Now you are good to go, you can check if your Roku TV is syncing properly with your Yamaha Soundbar. In some instances, you will need to turn off your TV speakers in order for it to avoid overlapping with your soundbar.

Manually turn off your Roku TV internal or built-in speakers

1. Press the Home button and scroll to Settings and Scroll down to Audio.

2. Select TV Speakers and Select or check Off.

Now you can enjoy your soundbar’s full potential without interference from your TV’s internal speakers.

Another way to connect your Yamaha Sound Bar with your Roku TV

Since most LED/LCD TVs have an optical output even in  Roku 4K Ultra box which has the same optical port provided for optical cable or sometimes called TOSLINK cable.  Before you connect your optical cable, remove plastic caps from both ends of your optical wire.

1. Connect your optical cable to the Optical Out port on your Roku TV and the other end at the Optical input port on your Yamaha Soundbar.

2. Press the Home button and scroll to Settings and scroll down to Audio

3. Select S/PDIF and ARC to Auto Detect.

How to Connect Vizio Soundbar to Roku TV

Even though most Vizio Soundbar comes with two HDMI ports, there are reports that they are not compliant or compatible with ARC. However, there are some instances the HDMI ARC function properly as long as they are connected to the right port on either device, which makes it case to case basis. The same instructions apply to enable ARC and CeC features on your Roku TV, Change the Audio Output setting to HDMI.

One particular connectivity that perfectly works well is utilizing the digital optical connection port of your TV and your Vizio Soundbar digital optical port.

1. Plug both ends of your optical cable to your TV and your Vizio Soundbar.

2. Power on both devices then wait for a few seconds for the TV to load up

3. Using your Vizio Soundbar remote press again the power button to confirm it’s working.

With your TV and Vizio Soundbar both on. You will notice in front of your Vizio Soundbar device blinking lights which means that it is automatically searching for an active input to hooked its self up. The LED indicator in front of your Vizio Soundbar will begin cycling to pair itself to an audio source that it will automatically detect.

This is one unique feature of Vizio Soundbar that it automatically looks for an audio resource whether you use the traditional coaxial and auxiliary port it will always look for the right resources available in which it is plugged in. Now you can try watching your favorite TV show or Movie using your Vizio Soundbar.

How to Connect Sony Soundbar to Roku TV

Sony Soundbar was tagged as one of the Best Soundbars for 2022, it supports various sound formats like Dolby AudioTM, DTSX, and the latest Dolby Atmos and DSEE HX that creates a three-dimensional surround sound enhancement. Since Sony Soundbar has an HDMI ARC/eARC port you can easily utilize the intended HDMI port for proper connection.

1. Connect the designated HDMI ARC port on your Roku TV then plug the other end to your designated HDMI output port which has the proper sticker label on your Sony Soundbar.

2. Plug your Sony Soundbar into your power or wall outlet.

3. If your Roku TV is powered on it will automatically detect your Sony Soundbar and a Setup Wizard or Installation Guide will appear. Just follow the setup to initially calibrate your Sony Soundbar and then after the setup is done. Relax and enjoy your surround Dolby Atmos sound experience.

How to Connect Klipsch Soundbar to Roku TV

Klipsch Soundbar is also one of the Best Brand of SoundBar for 2022 as reviewed by CNET.Com for its affordability, convenience, and a better alternative option for a surround sound system.  Klipsch Soundbar also offers the HDMI ARC and digital optical port interface same procedure applies.

1. Plug both ends of your HDMI cable to your Roku TV HDMI ARC/eARC port and the other end to your HDMI ARC slot on your Klipsch Soundbar

2. Plug the power cord of both devices TV and Klipsch Soundbar and turn them on.  Again you need to enable or autodetect the HDMI CeC setting on your Roku TV, you may refer to the above guide on how to enable CeC on your Roku TV device.

In the advent that your TV speakers are still emitting sounds just disable or auto-detect your speakers on ARC or you may lower the volume of your Roku TV and enjoy your movie.

How to Connect Bose Soundbar to Roku TV

The most common error encountered by older Bose Soundbar users is they can’t seem to obtain any sound on their Bose Soundbar, is a failure to disable the internal TV speakers or set it to Auto Detect.

1. Connect your HDMI cable to the HDMI ARC port on your Roku TV

2. Connect the other end to the dedicated HDMI ARC labeled port on your Bose Soundbar and power on both devices and enjoy your Bose soundbar experience.

Lately, Bose had introduce to the market the very first soundbar with a pre-installed Roku TV Ready Program which automatically interfaces Roku TV and Bose soundbar with a build-in installation/setup wizard that will guide you through the process.

How to Connect JBL Soundbar to Roku TV

Following the same steps above

1. Connect your HDMI cable to the designated port labeled HDMI ARC port on both Roku TV and your JBL Soundbar

2. Power on both devices, once the Roku TV detected the JBL Soundbar it will automatically launch a setup wizard

3. Follow the onscreen instruction to fully set up your JBL soundbar and if you did the setup connection right your JBL soundbar will now render the sound.

You may test it by playing anything on Youtube or any movie/show that you preferred.

How to Connect Polk Soundbar to Roku TV

Polk Command bar highly suggests using HDMI ARC connection in utilizing your soundbar since HDMI ARC/eARC offers much high-speed sound transfer from your Roku TV to your Polk Command bar.

1. Connect one end of your HDMI cable to your Roku TV HDMI ARC port and the other end to your Polk Command bar HDMI ARC port.

2. Power on both devices once Roku TV detected your Polk Command bar it will launch a Quick Start Guide just merely follow the installation procedures and you’re ready to use your Polk Command bar.

If your Command bar comes with a sub-woofer, the sub-woofer device automatically links itself with the Polk Command bar once it is turned on via its built-in Bluetooth port.

How to Connect LG Soundbar to Roku TV

Some are having a problem connecting their LG soundbar to Roku TV, the culprit was traced to an inferior HDMI cable, most online review suggests using the newer high-speed HDMI 2.0 or 2.1 cables that supports HDMI ARC and CeC control, which simply solve the problem encountered by most LG soundbar users.

As long as the CeC function is enabled or in auto-detect you will have a seamless connection between your TV and your LG soundbar. Applying the same guides from the previous soundbar.

1. Connect both ends of your HMDI version 2.0 cable to your Roku TV HDMI ARC port and the other end to your LG HDMI ARC port also.

2. Power on both devices and play some music or video on your TV it should flawlessly render its audio. Enjoy your viewing experience with your LG Soundbar.

Connectivity Using Soundbar Bluetooth Port

Perhaps you have noticed that I didn’t recommend using the built-in Bluetooth port on Roku TV to the built-in Bluetooth port of any soundbars mentioned. It is because Bluetooth doesn’t offer a long-term seamless audio connectivity, after a while Bluetooth connection tends to drop, or lag from time to time.

The best way to attain a stable audio/video connection with your TV and your soundbar is through the HDMI ARC/eARC port. On the other hand, the Digital Optical port is also a good alternative for HDMI ARC if your TV or soundbar doesn’t support HDMI is a good option without the CEC control that HDMI ARC offers.

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