Are Soundbars Good For Bluetooth Music

Wires create a mess, wear and tear sooner, and always stay as a clutter to deal with for the user. Ditching the whole concept of wires would sound good to everyone who has dealt with wires. There are many ways to achieve a wireless home theater, with Bluetooth being the most common. People find connecting a soundbar using Bluetooth connectivity quite confusing even after getting the best soundbars for Bluetooth music.

How to connect a smartphone or what attachments are required etc., many such questions are being researched by home theater lovers. After reading this article, you will need to look no further!

Can You Bluetooth Music to a Soundbar?

Nobody likes the messy clutter of wires spread across the whole room. It kills the home theater’s aesthetic value and makes the setup complicated and sensitive since wires can be damaged. To keep all this mess away from you, Bluetooth comes into play.

There are many surplus features of soundbars, but wireless streaming is the most liked and appreciated one. It allows one to play music from multiple sources, such as streaming apps like Spotify and iTunes, on the soundbar connected by Bluetooth.

Can You Play Music from Phone on Soundbar?

The phone is the easiest and handiest device of all time. Unlike laptops and TVs, it is easy to carry and contains the favorite playlists of users. The ability to connect it to your home theater can be one great thing. The good news is that it is possible. All you need is a Bluetooth-enabled sound bar. In the case of smartphones, almost all of them have Bluetooth connectivity.

You can play stored audio files, songs from Spotify, and other apps on speakers. You can make this feature work regardless of your phone, from Android to iOS.

How Do I Bluetooth My Phone to My Soundbar?

Connecting your phone to your sound bar is relatively easy if both products have Bluetooth connectivity. The first thing you have to do is turn the Pairing Mode on, on the soundbar. To do this, find the Pair button on the remote and press it.

If there is no such button, find the Source button on the sound bar, and press it until the display shows BLUETOOTH/BT. After this, press the Source button again until it shows BT PAIRING. Now the pairing mode is on, and the sound bar is ready to be connected. Let us go through the step-by-step guide to connecting a phone with a sound bar via Bluetooth.

1. On your mobile phone, go to Settings > Bluetooth.

2. Turn the Bluetooth on.

3. Now your phone will be searching for devices nearby with Bluetooth turned on. Select your sound bar, click it, and press Connect.

Now your mobile phone is connected to your sound bar via Bluetooth.

How Do Bluetooth Soundbars Work?

Bluetooth technology works by sending radio waves from a transmitter to a receiver. The soundbar is the receiver, and whatever the device you are streaming from is the transmitter. It can be a laptop, TV, tablet, or mobile phone. The transmitter produces signals and sends them as radio waves to the receiver that decodes them, delivers the final audio, and sends requests for the following data packet. The process keeps taking place, resulting in the complete audio file being played on speakers without interruption. However, this is only the case if you use high-quality products. Poor quality soundbars are usually not fast enough and cause an interruption in the audio.

Best Soundbars for Bluetooth Music

Here are the details for the three best soundbars for Bluetooth music!

1- Vizio V21

Vizio V21 is an affordable yet top-notch soundbar available in the market. It comes with a subwoofer that is small in size but efficient in producing fine audio. It has support for HDMI with ARC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity. This 2.1 sound bar looks aesthetic with a black mesh cover and plastic top. The controls on the top are Bluetooth and volume control.

It is the best soundbar option for those who want precision and accuracy, no matter if the sounds are roaring or whispering. You can enjoy podcasts as well as jazz music on this sound bar.

2- Klipsch Cinema 400

Klipsch Cinema 400 is another excellent option for entertainment lovers. This aesthetic-appearing sound bar comes with a wireless subwoofer. Also, you can get it for your small home theater at an affordable price. The audio results of this product are dramatically dynamic, rich, and detailed.

You can enjoy the deepest possible bass thanks to its ability to help the connected device achieve a 35Hz frequency response. Other than Bluetooth, the connections it supports are HDMI with ARC, optical input, and 3.5mm analog. It makes a perfect choice for those who love watching movies, playing games, and listening to music, all on one device.

3- Polk Signa S3

Polk Singa S3 is a versatile soundbar that can deliver podcast audio as precisely as loud music and punchier movies. This soundbar has several streaming options, including Bluetooth, HDMI input, and Chrome Cast. Using the Chrome Cast feature, you can stream audio files from many apps, including Amazing Music HD and Spotify.

The high-performance sound processing has a Polk’s Voice Adjust Technology built in. It allows users to customize the level of dialogue as per their liking. Moreover, it is compatible with 8K and HD TVs.

The Bottom Line

There is nothing to be confused about. Connecting a sound bar to your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or TV through Bluetooth is always possible. The sound bar should have the Bluetooth connectivity option, which is there in most cases.

The best soundbar options you can choose between include Vizio V21, Klipsch Cinema 400, and Polk Signa S3. All three come for financially reasonable prices and deliver high-end audio quality.

Most people get confused between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for the wireless setup. The latter is the better option since Wi-Fi can cause interruptions due to internet issues.

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