Best Soundbars For Big Room

The popularity of soundbars is only going upwards. Since built-in TV speakers fail to match the high-resolution visuals, a separate surround sound is needed to fulfill the loophole. Sound bars come in variable sizes and functionalities. You can get one depending on your room size and audio quality demands.

There are many advantages of getting a sound bar. Everything is worth praising, from its ability to add to the aesthetic value of the room by sleek design to its ability to create a surround sound bubble around the listeners. This article explains if the size of the soundbar matters or not and what unit would be the best for your large room.

Do Soundbars Work in Large Rooms?

Installing a sound bar is to create an immersive surround sound bubble around the listeners/watchers. So, a soundbar might fail at making the ideal surround sound because of either small or too large, depending on its size and features.

For small spaces, many small size sound bars are available. Likewise, many sound bar units are available that can ideally create a surround sound experience in a large room.

Are Bigger Soundbars Better?

Yes, the bigger the soundbar, the better, but it is not the whole story. Bigger sound bars have features and equipment that can produce excellent surround sound in a large room. But size is not the only criterion that defines the effectiveness of a sound bar. Many other factors play a huge role in determining whether a sound bar along with its subwoofer, portable speakers, satellite speakers, and other attachments is better than other units available or not.

Moreover, the relativity between the soundbar size and the size of the room counts in declaring a soundbar the best.

Does Soundbar Have to Match TV Size?

No, both things are measured differently. If a TV measures 55-inch, you cannot get a 55-inch sound bar for the TV. Because the former is measured diagonally while the latter is length-wise.

How Do I Choose the Right Size Soundbar for My Room?

If you want the dimensions of your TV and sound bar to be the same, you can roughly match the speaker length with the screen size. For example, 45-inch speakers would be suitable for a 42 – 50 inch TV screen.

Best Soundbars for Big Room

A bigger room needs a bigger sound bar. So the desired surround sound technology stays unaffected by the additional space. Here are the 4 of the best soundbars for big rooms.

1- Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra

Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2 SSE is the sound bar unit that will fail you if you wonder how it could get better because it is simply the best. The user experience is convenient, the setup a breeze, and no cable clutter is involved. This efficient sound bar comes with four satellite speakers and a dual subwoofer.

The advanced features and options it offers will upgrade your entertainment time with good immersion and surround sound. This unit has all the latest audio standards covered.

Moreover, the package has 18 drivers to make the audio as precise and accurate as possible. The remote is so well-designed that you can easily understand the configurations and start with the controls.

2- Bose Soundbar 500

Most people prefer buying a unit that only fulfills the required demands and excludes all not-needed functionalities. Bose Soundbar 500 is ideal for such people because it does not do each and everything an advanced sound bar would, but it gets the job done quite impressively. The package includes subwoofers, satellite speakers, portable speakers, and other mandatory sound bar attachments.

The model’s design speaks about the pedigree sound quality it can deliver. Yes, the sleek sound bar can fill large rooms with deep and detailed audio creating a surround sound experience for listeners. Moreover, it has a built-in Alexa assistant that will allow you to control the sound bar with your voice only.

3- Polk Audio MagniFi Max Home Theater Soundbar

This 5.1 sound bar by Polk Audio is an affordable unit that can fulfill all your audio requirements. It comes with a wireless subwoofer that gives a great show of how good a subwoofer can perform. It is the best choice for big rooms because it can fill wider space and manage to create an immersive bubble despite the room size.

Moreover, it comes with patented voice adjust software that excludes distractions and immerses the listener in the dialogue completely. The delivered audio is obvious, making it an ideal sound bar for audiobooks and podcasts. This is easily the best soundbar, considering how finely talk and vice tones are delivered.

4- Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL

Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL is an easy-to-use soundbar supporting DTS Virtual: X 3D surround sound. This 2.1 channel unit has everything it takes to create the ultimate theater experience in a large room. The wireless subwoofer ensures the bass is on point.

The specific voice-enhancing feature delivers even whispers accurately. It comes with built-in Alexa and Bluetooth connectivity. Thus, you can control it in a super convenient manner. One HDMI input and optical support will allow you to set it up easily. You can connect it with different devices on different occasions with no trouble.

Final Words

As the discussion mentioned above shows that the size of a soundbar does matter, but it is not all that matters. You should pay heed to many other factors while choosing the best soundbar as per the size of your room and your TV.

The four mentioned units by Yamaha, Bose, Polk Audio, and Nakamichi are affordable, aesthetic, and of top-grade quality. What model you choose depends on what you expect from your sound bar. Yes, you should already know your demands from the unit; otherwise, you might make the wrong purchase.

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