Denon AVR 1612 5.1 Channel AV Home Theater Receiver Sub Woofer Set Up

Your Denon AVR 1612 home theater sub woofer is not working? There are a few simple things you should check before taking it to the shop for repair.

1. Make sure Sub woofer is plugged in.

2. Make sure sub woofer volume is not too low.

3. Make sure you have the right cable from receiver to sub. Sometimes the cable may not be capable or compatible to work with your setup.

4. Go into Speaker Set up then Channel Level then Test Tone Start. You should hear a test sound from all the speakers.

5. Set your Denon 1612 receiver to recognize the sub woofer. In the speaker config specify SUBWOOFER as YES.

6. On the Bass Setting specify LFE as Subwoofer Mode.

We hope this helped. Good Day!

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