How To Connect Onkyo Receiver To Network

Is your Onkyo receiver not connecting to network? Maybe we can help you with this problem. We will try to help you connect your Onkyo receiver to Wi-Fi router (aka Wireless LAN) network. Try each step separately before moving to the next step.

1. Did you try unplugging and plugging in the router and the receiver? Then try rebooting the router.

2. Make sure the network settings on your Onkyo receiver are correct. Check SSID, encryption and WEP.

3. The format of your SSID may not be correct. Multi-byte characters are sometimes not supported. Try renaming the SSID of your wireless LAN router using single-byte alphanumeric characters only and try again. Use only lowercase letters.

4. You might be getting a weak connection. Make sure there are no obstacles between your router and receiver. The distance between router and receiver may also be too much. Also metallic objects could also interfere. Best practice is to have router and receiver in the same room.

5. The wireless signal may not be good enough for your particular setup. Try connecting the router and you Onkyo receiver directly with an Ethernet cable. You would have to change the WI-Fi in Network Setup to Off.

6. Microwave ovens and other appliances maybe interfering with the signal such as gaming consoles. Unplug the nearby appliances and see if it works. If it works you will need to move the interfering appliances away from the receiver.

7. Try changing the channel of your Wi-Fi router. You would need the instruction manual that came with the router to know how to do this.

8. Too many access points in your network. You might have to separate each access point.

9. Check the wireless LAN router settings. It may be on Manual. Return it to Auto. If it’s already on Auto try Manual.

10. Make sure the router is not on stealth mode. This will allow you to see the SSID key.

We hope this helped.

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