How To Connect Vizio Soundbar To Computer

PCs have many cool features that make them really enticing and beneficial, but for most models, superb audio output isn’t one of them. This means if you really want to enjoy the audio quality of a song or a movie or a videogame, you’ll have to connect your PC to an external audio.

That’s where soundbars come into the picture. They come in different models and specifications, but one thing is certain, with Vizio soundbar, you enjoy great sounds. In case you’re struggling to connect your Vizio soundbar to your computer, here’s our guide on how to get it done.

How do I connect Vizio soundbar to my computer with HDMI

You might be wondering why HDMI features in this article since you’re only interested in sending audio to your soundbar. You’re not wrong about HDMI, it’s mostly for videos. However, you can also use it to send audio signals.

This allows you to still use your computer screen, while only the audio routes to the soundbar. To use an HDMI, follow these steps.

Connect your soundbar and the PC through the HDMI ports.

Open your PC’s audio settings and select output to the soundbar. Note that you may not recognize the soundbar, and may display “HDMI” as the audio option.

HDMI connection offers the pleasure of enjoying the full audio features of your Vizio soundbar. You can truly experience full 5.1-channel surround sound, Dolby Audio virtual surround sound, and Dolby Digital audio among other audio codecs.

How to connect Vizio soundbar to PC monitor

Ideally, most desktop PCs have all output ports installed on the CPU. This makes it quite difficult to connect your Vizio sound bar to your computer’s monitor. However, once you connect your soundbar to the CPU, you get your desired result. To know if you can connect your soundbar to your computer, take the following steps.

Find out if your PC has any of these; an HDMI port, an optical port, an AUX output port (3.5mm), or Bluetooth.

For computers with any of these ports, just connect your device using the appropriate cable.

If your computer has Bluetooth, pair the devices.

In most instances, the soundbar becomes the audio output, but if not, just set the PC manually.

How to connect PC to Vizio soundbar via Bluetooth

To connect your Vizio soundbar to your PC via your Bluetooth, just follow these easy steps;

Power up the soundbar. This may require that you insert batteries first before pressing the power button, if your soundbar is battery powered. If uses electricity, then you have to plug its cable into a power source first.

Switch your Vizio soundbar to Bluetooth pairing mode. This process varies for different models, however, you’ll usually switch to pairing mode by pressing a designated button on the soundbar.

Your device’s instruction manual should provide more information unique to your model on switching to Bluetooth pairing mode. Also note that some soundbars switch to pairing mode once you power them on.

Open your PCs Bluetooth. You can use your windows button, or through the Action Center, if your system runs on Windows 10. Once the Bluetooth is on, scan for devices.

Once your PC discovers your Vizio soundbar, it’ll appear on the screen. Click on the soundbar, and the PC connects to the device. Now all audio from your PC will be channeled to your Vizio soundbar.

Subsequently, you won’t have to pair the devices, as your PC connects automatically, once the soundbar is on, and within range.

Connect Vizio soundbar with USB

Computer USB ports are not meant to serve as audio output ports. So, connecting your Vizio soundbar to your PC directly, through any of its USB ports won’t work. However, there’s a way to connect your soundbar to your computer using the USB port.

You will need a device called an external sound card. It’s an IC device that allows a computer send and receive audio signals through the USB port. A typical sound card has slots for input cables and output cables, so you can send and receive audio simultaneously.

The input and output ports may be for AUX cables (Mono), or stereo cables, depending on the model. I advise you get one with AUX ports. Here is how to use the sound card.

Insert the sound card in a USB port.

Plug your 3.5mm AUX cable into the output port labeled with a headphones icon.

Plug the other end to you soundbar’s aux port. And you’re good to go

How to connect Vizio soundbar to PC without Bluetooth

Perhaps your PC does not have Bluetooth connectivity, not to worry. There are different ways to connect your soundbar to your PC without Bluetooth. I have mentioned some already in this article, and another way is to use the AUX cable.

Power on your Vizio soundbar as usual.

Plug in your Aux cable into the port labeled with a small headphones icon on your PC. You can find this port on the front edge of your laptop’s keyboard, or on either of the sides. If you use a desktop computer, you’ll find it on the front face of your CPU.

Plug the AUX Cable’s other end to the AUX port on your Vizio soundbar. This port’s location varies according to model, but it’s a 3.5mm port usually labelled AUX.

Once you connect both ports, your PC automatically routes the audio through the device.

Vizio soundbar Bluetooth pairing not working

There are only few issues that can cause your soundbar not to connect with your PC. If this is your first time pairing, you should confirm if your PC actually has Bluetooth capability. If it does, then check if it’s currently enabled, and if it isn’t, enable it.

If you’ve connected your soundbar to your PC before, then the issue is probably that you didn’t switch on the Bluetooth, on the PC or on the soundbar. Once you take these troubleshooting measures, they should connect without glitch.


There you have it. Nothing should stop you from enjoying your Vizio soundbar with your computer. The options we list above ensures that irrespective of your computer’s model, you have a means to connect it with your soundbar. So, whether you want to enjoy some jamz, or you just need better audio for the movie you want to see on your PC, now you can enjoy to your heart’s content.

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