What Earbuds Would An Audiophile Buy

Earbuds have become a symbol of the modern era. Walking along the street, you’re likely to see dozens of people with earbuds in, jamming to their favorite song. Although earbuds are incredibly convenient, they don’t always provide the most high-quality listening experience. Plus, the best earbuds can be incredibly expensive and beyond the average budget. Today, we’re looking at some of the best earbuds at the lowest prices.

Under $100

Jabra Elite 3

These wireless earbuds are an all-around great choice for audiophiles and everyday music lovers alike. Plus, the low price makes them an excellent choice for people on a budget who still want a great listening experience with their earbuds.

The shape ensures that they fit snugly in your ears, and they last for up to 7 hours on a single charge. They don’t have active noise canceling elements, but the Jabra Elite 3 earbuds performed well in noise isolation tests. A simple product that’s easy to set up and use, the Jabra Elite 3 earbuds are a great choice overall.

Sony WF-C500

Sitting at around $68, these earbuds are a perfect choice for audiophiles on a budget. Both sweat- and splash-resistant, these earbuds are ideal for those who love to exercise outdoors or who have a lengthy commute. With their simple and lightweight design, they fit in the ear comfortably and securely.

These earbuds come with a companion app, which allows the listener to see statistics of their earbuds and even control them via an equalizer — which is great for audiophiles who like to personalize their listening experience. Even though they don’t possess active noise canceling, the Sony WF-C500 wireless earbuds are yet another great budget choice.

Anker Soundcore Life Q30 Wireless Headphones

These wireless, over-ear headphones are equipped with incredible noise-canceling abilities, making them perfect for audiophiles who commute or spend time in loud spaces. Plus, they have a battery life of over 44 hours, making them perfect for people who find themselves on the go.

Made of mostly silicone and plastic, the headphones feel sturdy without being too bulky. They possess a sound profile that emphasizes heavy percussion — which is great for fans of certain genres like pop and rock. However, if you want to tweak your listening experience, these headphones come with an app that allows you to modify the equalizer.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Simple and lightweight, these earbuds are comfortable to wear and offer a pleasant aesthetic. Regarding the sound and listening experience, the quality is good. Plus, since they gently raise the bass frequencies of songs, these earbuds are perfect for audiophiles who listen to more bass-heavy genres, such as pop, rock, and hip-hop.

These earbuds also have a good microphone quality, something that’s lacking in most wireless earbuds. These headphones also possess wireless charging and come with an app that supports Spotify integration. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are a really great choice for audiophiles looking for features at a lower price.

Under $50

Audio-Technica ATH-M20x

Simply put, these wired, over-ear headphones offer incredible quality at an unbelievable price. With respect to the listening experience, the sound is both crisp and clear. Plus, the bass and mid-level sounds are intentionally enhanced to offer a better listening experience for fans of music that uses those elements.

They are lightweight without feeling cheap, which is perfect for a long commute or people who wear their headphones for an extended period. Though the sound is pretty great for the price, they do not offer noise canceling. Otherwise, these headphones are perfect for audiophiles on a strict budget.

TaoTronics TT-BH090

These wireless, over-ear headphones offer a great listening experience for the price. The sound is smooth with strong bass that rumbles when necessary, enhancing the experience for audiophiles and music lovers alike.

As wireless headphones, they connect via Bluetooth, and they are one of the few headphones in their price range that offer active noise canceling. All of these features and more make them the perfect headphones for a long commute or extended listening. Plus, the battery life is incredible — up to 35 hours on a single charge. Overall, these headphones offer some of the best performance in their price range.

Anker Soundcore Life A1

These wireless earbuds are lightweight and designed to fit comfortably in your ears. They also have ear wings, which makes them easier to wear when exercising or playing sports. The Bluetooth coverage is wide, meaning that you can be relatively far away from your device and still have stutter-free playback.

Regarding the listening experience, the mids stay natural, and the bass and highs are enhanced. They possess an IPX7 rating, which means they are fully waterproof. If you’re looking for a pair of incredibly affordable Bluetooth earbuds that are ideal for commuting and exercising, you simply can’t do any better than the Anker Soundcore Life A1 earbuds.

Under $200

AKG K371

These wired headphones offer great quality at a decent price point. Since they’re made mostly from metal, they have a very strong, sturdy feel and will likely survive the occasional drop or jostle.

They have a design that’s both simple and pleasant. Regarding the sound, they offer a little bit of bass boost but mostly follow the Harman curve, an audio frequency that tends to offer the best listening experience possible.

Plus, these headphones are both comfortable and foldable, making them a high-quality option that’s also portable. With all of these features and more, the AKG K371 wired headphones are simply a great option.

Jaybird Vista 2

These wireless earbuds connect via Bluetooth and offer a great listening experience right off the bat. Equipped with a companion app, the listener is free to adjust the EQ until they find the right balance for them — offering a hands-on customization experience that most audiophiles will relish.

With an IP68 rating, they are completely waterproof, and the case is nearly-waterproof. They are durable and comfortable, making them perfect for jogs, runs, or long commutes. They boast an 8-hour battery life, a great design, and are perfect for audiophiles in need of high-quality, wireless earbuds

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