What Is Needed For A Home Theater

A home theater is an entertainment space designed especially for people who want to enjoy movies in the comfort of their home. Many people prefer to watch a movie at home instead of waiting in long lines of people in the cinema. It is not really used only to watch movies but also to play video games, watch football games and much more with guests and family. There fore we will discuss what is needed for a home theater.

Home theater systems offer you a great experience in audio and video. For that, it is necessary to equip the room with the best technologies. They include audio systems, amplifiers, speakers, projection screen and projector. The higher the quality of these elements, you can feel the same experience of being in a conventional cinema.

Ideas and Components to Create your Home Theater

Design of the Home Theater

This is one of the most critical aspects that you should take into account when creating your home theater. Regardless of whether you are remodeling or buying your house, you must choose in advance the room that best suits your needs. It must meet specific parameters so that the home theater experience is the best. Some of those parameters are the size of the room and the position of the elements such as the screen, seats, windows, speakers, curtains and more.

You must ensure that the chosen room has a rectangular shape because that way, you can place and sort the items efficiently. The seats must be placed with symmetry. It is essential that the room is as dark as possible so that the projection of the movie or video game is clear and without any reflection of light. For them, the curtains must be chosen especially to block the sun in case the room has windows.

Home Theater Screen Type

Many people believe they have a home theater when using a 15-inch laptop or a 32-inch TV, but that is not the case. The idea of ​​a home theater is to try to simulate or improve the experience of a real cinema. Therefore, the screen we choose must have a considerable size and a high resolution.

There are several options as you can choose from an LCD TV, OLED, 4K Ultra HD to a projector and screen. Everything will depend on the tastes and needs of each person. Not all rooms are suitable for hosting a video projector, although many others are.

You should also take into account the location of your cinema. If it is outdoors, then the recommended screen should be 5 feet wide and 4ft high. The most popular location is in a room inside the house, so it is ideal to have screens that do not exceed the width of your seating. In a nutshell, the screen size will depend on the space where it will be located and the excellent visibility it can offer people. We have some info on screen sizing. Click heren How Big Should My TV Be

Home Theater Projector

If your choice has been a screen for a projector, then you must choose one that meets the minimum needs so that the quality of the projected films is optimal. The projectors used in a home theater are the same as those used in auditoriums or conference rooms.

The best options are LED projectors since they are of the latest generation and can show clear images eliminating any imperfection. It offers advantages in lighting, energy-saving and also have a long service life.

We should not ignore the HD projectors, since although the LED projectors have more modern technology, with the HD ones you will get a better image quality in terms of resolution and contrast.

When using projectors, a good option is for your home theater to have an electric elevator on the ceiling to hide it while it is not being used.

Home Theater Sound and Audio

This aspect has a high percentage of importance in a home theater. It is recommended to have two speakers, both front and rear as well as a subwoofer and a center speaker. It is necessary to try to place the speakers in different positions to experience different sound levels and choose the one that best suits.

There are several types of speaker configuration ranging from configuration 5.1, 7.1 to 9.1. Depending on the setting you choose, you will get certain advantages such as surround sounds, improvements in the directionality of sound effects and even 3D audio.

Home Theater Receiver

It is another fundamental element considered as the central axis of the home theater system. It is used as an amplifier which connects different components such as speakers, video input and screen. There are separate amplifiers and preamps, but the receivers include all functions in a single system. Although a receiver has its own speakers, it is also possible to connect any other through its audio inputs.

Home Theater Rack

You need a space to store each of the electronic equipment that makes up your home theater system. A professional rack has the necessary ventilation, protection systems against electric shock and voltage and also security doors. The best thing you can do is place it in a place that is not visible. That way, it will not affect the design of the rooms.

Home Theater Security

We already know that home theater system is made up of a set of electronic elements. Therefore, electricity is always present.

It is essential to protect each of the electronic components from electrical surges that may be generated. Surge protectors are the best solution to protect them.

Additional Features

If you want to create a home theater that meets most of the parameters of a regular cinema and you have enough budget, you can purchase a popcorn machine. Food can be a fundamental aspect in a movie theater and especially popcorn. Therefore, it is necessary to have a popcorn machine so that your friends and family can enjoy a delicious snack during the movie.

Build Your Ideal Cinema

We have already seen the most critical components and ideas to create your own home theater. You must keep in mind the design of your movie room in advance so that you can choose the best technological devices that provide the best experience. Knowing in advance the design of the room, lighting, the speakers to be used, the seats, the screen, and the projector will allow you to build a system with high video and audio performance.

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