What Is YPAO Microphone

The YPAO microphone is a device made by Yamaha which is used to calibrate the audio output of your Yamaha home theater AV receiver.

What Does YPAO Stand For?

Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer

You set your YPAO microphone on a table, a tri pod or any stable surface in the same location as your seating preferably at ear level. (Note this is done after your home theater is installed and functioning.) Some Yamaha receivers are shipped with the YPAO mic. Make sure yours is included before you purchase. The YPAO mic will then calibrate the optimal sound settings tailored to the specific acoustics to your home theater space.

How Do You Use The Yamaha Optimizer Microphone?

  1. Turn your receiver on
  2. Turn sub woofer on (if you have). Set volume control to half. If it has crossover control you need to set it to maximum.
  3. Place the microphone at your seating position at ear height.
  4. Connect the microphone to the YPAO jack. This is usually at the front of the receiver.
  5. Press enter to start.
  6. The receiver will automatically produce specific patterns of sound and test tones. This process is verifying the speakers connections, sizes, distances, sound pressure and equalizer. The YPAO picks up these sounds and sends them to the receiver. After that the receiver adjusts the sound system settings and tailor them to your specific rooms acoustics.
  7. After the calibration is done unplug the YPAO mic and save it for future adjustments.

Yamaha AV Receiver Equalizer Settings

The YPAO Volume in engineered to automatically adjust sound equalization (EQ) through your AV receiver. This technology in effect controls how loud or how soft the sounds need to be in relation to volume position. It will adjust the highs, mids and lows automatically in relation to where you set the volume. Less EQ will be applied at higher volume and more EQ at lower volume.

Which Receivers Come With YPAO Mic?

AVENTAGE AV receivers are most likely manufactured with built in YPAO capabilities. These Yamaha receivers are at the top end of quality and functionality. Prices start at about $550.00

YPAO Microphone

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YPAO self calibrating microphone for Yamaha receivers surround sound.

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