Denon DL-103r Specs

The Denon DL-103R Low Output MC Cartridge will improve the sound of your turntable.
This stereo turntable cartridge with moving magnet coils is made in Japan.
It improves the audible quality of your records by using 6N copper coils wound to the cantilever to produce clearer sound. The box generates 0.25 mV and operates at 1 kHz.
The component weighs only 8.5 grams. It also works on Marantz turntables.


Denon DL-103r Specs
Output Voltage0.25 mV
Frequency Range20 Hz to 45 kHz
Frequency Range14 ohms
Weight8.5 g
Denon DL-103r Specs

Denon DL-103r

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Denon DL-103r turntable cartridge

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