Bowers And Wilkins 600 Series Center Channel

The term “center channel” refers to an audio channel included in many different surround sound versions. The channel focuses primarily or entirely on replicating the conversation that is heard in an audiovisual presentation.

There are lots of center channel manufacturers. One of the popular manufacturers is Bowers & Wilkins. Today we will go through every detail of its newest 600 series model. The 600 series bookshelf speakers and subwoofer will be the primary focus of this center channel.

Since 1966, Bowers & Wilkins has been making steady technological improvements to develop the ideal loudspeaker. 

With the release of the new 600 Series, the company is bringing that legacy to those passionate about both vinyl records and motion pictures.

This range makes watching a movie feel more like being immersed in the action and makes listening to your favorite music feel like the artist is performing right in front of you.

Let’s dive deep into this topic!

A Short Overview on Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series

Bowers and Wilkins’s state-of-the-art ContinuumTM cone produces layered midrange sound with a clean soundscape. It is the crowning innovation of our current 600 Series.

Human hearing is most sensitive to tones in the middle, and they have followed the transformative impact of a balanced midrange presentation for decades.

This small speaker is perfect for a stand or bookshelf. It features a 6.5-inch Continuum mid/bass driver and a Decoupled Double Dome tweeter to provide crystal-clear highs and rich, detailed lows.

Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series Bookshelf Speakers

Bowers and Wilkins, sometimes known simply as B&W, is one of the most well-known speaker manufacturers in the whole world. Their speakers may be heard in recording and mixing studios worldwide. The Series has always been a terrific choice for us because of the natural, authentic sound it provides at a reasonable price.

Two bookshelf speakers, a tower speaker, and a matched center channel are included in the new 600 Series Anniversary Edition. Here is a comprehensive analysis of both 600 series bookshelf speakers:

607 S2 Anniversary Edition Bookshelf Speakers by Bowers & Wilkins

As the smallest member of the new Series, the 607 S2 Anniversary Edition is remarkable. This 5-inch-diameter driver serves double duty as a midrange and bass unit, and it’s made using Continuum driver material.

The dimensions of the 607 are approximately 12 inches in height, 6.5 inches in width, and 8 inches in depth. Surprisingly, given the speaker’s compact size, the bass response drops 6 dB at 40 Hz. The port is towards the back, but it won’t be too far from the wall if you install the bookcases on a standard 12″ deep unit.

If you want your sound to be as good as it can be, the STAV24 stands are what you need. The B&W frame is sturdy and can raise the shelves to the perfect height.

You really should have a good amp to drive the 607. They only manage an efficiency rating of 84db, which isn’t great. A high-quality amplifier, such as a Rotel or a Cambridge Audio, would do wonders to bring out their full potential. 

The 607 has a very long yet polished top end. It’s fascinating how there’s hardly any harshness in how the treble sounds. You can clearly distinguish bass lines since they don’t blend in with the rest of the music.

Key Features:

Ideal for smaller spaces.

Dynamism in your music.

Layered & cover beautiful details.

38kHz breakup performance.

Use of revolutionary Continuum cone.

606 S2 Anniversary Edition Bookshelf Speaker by Bowers & Wilkins

We haven’t heard a bookshelf speaker as good as the 606 S2 Anniversary Edition in a long time. It is a bidirectional layout, like the 607. However, it upgrades to a 6″ Continuum midrange/bass driver.

Dimensionally, the cabinet is a touch bigger, measuring 13 12″ on the tail end, 7 12″ on the broad back, and almost 12″ in depth. For them to fit appropriately in a bookshelf, you’ll need one at least 16 inches deep. 

We recommend placing them on B&W’s STAV24 stand to get the greatest possible sound and moving it away from the wall a bit, much like we did with the 606.

There is a significant boost in productivity between the 606th and 607th anniversaries. They come to life when you feed them a lot of power, which is why we still enjoy seeing a solid amp powering them.

The extended bottom end and warm midrange are reminiscent of the 607’s tone. However, the benefits of dynamic enhancement are not subtle.

In dramatic moments, the music’s loudness fills the room and pulls you deeper. This model is highly durable, so why not 606?

The dynamic bass makes their overall sound even more refined and refined. 

Key Features:

More insight into your music.

Accurate and immersive reproduction.

An optimized crossover design.

Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series Subwoofer

To reproduce the extremely low-frequency audio range known as bass and sub-bass, a particular type of loudspeaker called a subwoofer is needed.

The 600 series have 3 remarkable subwoofers: ASW610XPASW610, and ASW608. Today we will represent the most popular version of subwoofers, ASW608.

Bowers & Wilkins ASW608 Compact Subwoofer

The ASW608 subwoofer is the tiniest woofer ever made by B&W. If you’re in a bind for the room, the ASW608 is an excellent subwoofer option.

This B&W has a dimension of 26 x 26 x 33cm. Considering its origins, it should be no surprise that this is also a reasonably neat-looking design with plenty of room for customization.

For comparison’s sake, we checked out the ASW610XP, the big brother to this little troublemaker. But we found the ASW608 more amazing.

The low-pass filter frequency may be adjusted, and there are two equalization settings (often used for music and movies).

Buyers who care more about precision than about injuring the cat can find this an absolute musical delight. It may be underpowered and expensive, but it’s also melodic, capable, well-made, and stunning.


Fantastic grip and low-end control.

Gorgeous design.

Lively and punchy.


Limited by its size.

It can be noisy if overdriven.

Bottom Line

Bowers & Wilkins also offers floor-standing speakers. With its Decoupled Double Dome tweeter, the floor-standing speaker produces a powerful, precise, and melodic sound.

You should get the 607 S2 version if you insist on using bookshelf speakers. However, the ASW608 is without competition when it comes to subwoofers.

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