Is Decware Amplifier Kit A Worthwhile Option

What exactly is an amplifier? A signal can have its own voltage, current, or power using a piece of electrical equipment known as an amplifier. Amplifiers may be found in various audio equipment, including those used for wireless communications and broadcasting. 

Depending on their output level, they can be classified as either power amplifiers or weak-signal amplifiers. However, each type of amplifier is suitable for a certain task.

Today we will talk about a one-of-a-kind amplifier kit that Decware offers. In addition, Decware is responsible for producing some of the highest-quality tube amplifiers available worldwide. 

Decware’s products are built in the United States and have a devoted fan base—one that doesn’t appear to leave the Decware forums. It makes gorgeous-looking hardware. Furthermore, Decware appears to be an incredible company.

Let’s explore more about the Decware amplifier kit now!

 What Is a Decware Amplifier Kit

The amplifier kit from Decware is durable, fashionable, and inexpensive.

The point-to-point wiring used in Decware amplifiers eliminates the need for printed circuit boards.

However, it allows the component leads to be lined up in such a way that the leads create the circuit. Moreover, these results in a small amount of wire and a minimal amount of solder nodes.

Furthermore, this amplifier does not use any solid-state components. The power supply has a brute-force design. It indicates that it is designed 300 percent greater than necessary to ensure that there is no sag even when the output is at its maximum level.

Because there is no requirement for regulation, there is no likelihood that the regulation would produce artifacts that will deplete liquidity.

Decware Amplifier: Why Would I Need One

Speakers are extraordinary in transforming electrical audio data into sound waves for our listening enjoyment. However, this allows us to enjoy listening to music and other sounds (or displeasure). 

Moreover, amplifiers are necessary for all speakers, ranging from those incorporated into smart phones to subwoofers used in live sound.

Why are amplifiers crucial for speaker systems? Line level is used to record, store, and playback analog audio signals (nominally 1 volt DC).

For a speaker to be driven and for sound to be produced appropriately, line-level signals must be amplified using amplifiers. Furthermore, to drive speakers accurately, amplifiers reduce the impedance and boost the signal strength.

The question now is why we require a tube amplifier such as Decware. The music we generate sounds better when amplified via a Decware tube amplifier.

Tube amplifiers are a favorite among audiophiles. And a sizeable portion of our community possesses tube-based components in our audio setups.

It’s simple to understand why:

1. First, tube amps have a far more intriguing aesthetic than their solid-state counterparts.

2. Moreover, they produce a diverse sound. 

3. Furthermore, the sound has a unique essence. 

How do I Build One Amplifier Kit

If you don’t care about mass production and just want the best sound for your money, build your own amplifier. This process makes amplifiers indestructible, allowing us to provide a lifetime warranty.

However, here is a complete process of constructing a Zen Triode Amplifier:

There are only two tubes, two resistors, and one capacitor in the signal path of this pure class-A single-ended triode amplifier.

It has 2.3 high-current watts per channel and, unlike many SET amps, can be used with “simple to drive loads.”

Two sets of input jacks and a volume/gain knob are there. Moreover, it works well with or without a preamp, depending on the situation.

It costs only 6 watts to bridge into mono. Thanks to the floating output stage architecture, our amps may be used as completely differential balanced amplifiers when two are connected.

The amplifier uses a single 6922 to power one EL84/6BQ5 output tube per channel, with 5U4 tubes providing rectification.

Note: Russian 6P15P-EV tubes, which are a step up from the EL84 used in this amplifier due to their longer lifespan (10k hours), gold-plated pins, and thicker glass, are included in the package. 

The 6N1P-EV, a Russian-made variation of the 6922, is another option.

To someone unfamiliar with this amplifier, its unique selling point is its exceptional ease of use. The audio circuit consists of only six components, so there’s not much noise or interference to detract from the music.

Is Tube Amplifier Like Decware Safe

Yes, it is secure. However, appropriate usage necessitates familiarity with the tool. All tube amplifiers generate a great deal of heat. However, when used in a properly functioning, closed amplifier, they are just as safe as a solid-state. 

The amp’s tubes operate at potentially lethal voltages on the inside. In addition, hire a professional amp technician if you lack the experience and training to operate with high voltage.

Don’t ever probe an amplifier with a hand that has come in contact with the chassis. A lethal jolt might destroy your heart. Work on a powerful amplifier with one hand.

Track this YouTube video to learn how to work on tube amps safely:

Where do I Buy A Decware Amplifier Kit

You can get any of the Decware amp kits from their official website. Here is the official website link

However, it’s time to review one of the Decware amplifier kits. Follow the next section for this ultimate review.

Decware Zen TORII Mk 5 Amplifier Review

The Zen TORII MK5 amplifier is an incredible amp from Decware. Its fidelity creates out-of-body listening experiences.

The secret to its success lies in its straightforward point-to-point design and the uniqueness of our transformers.

Decware’s creator Steve Deckert has released Zen Torii’s fourth revision, although he isn’t touting any substantial improvements or innovations for the amplifier. He improved the amp’s internal architecture and wiring to make it quieter, and he got rid of the brass knob.

A bass toggle switch prevents the low-end from becoming muddy on some prominent speakers.

The amp includes a treble (high frequency) knob and turning it down somewhat improved the sound. The impedance matching controls for the speakers are a wonderful touch on a tube amplifier.


Dual-Mono design.

Purist Design is hand-built without circuit boards or solid-state components.

Each channel’s power supply regulate by tube.

SET-like harmonics are rare.

No unfavorable global feedback.

EL34 output tubes sound amazing.

Compatibility for KT77, 6L6, 5881, 6550, KT66, KT88, 7027, EL34, and 807.

Optional XLR inputs.


Decware is a trademark of high-fidelity engineering.  Today, the accuracy of their services, as well as the design of those items, are popular in more than 54 nations all over the world.

They are the only audio manufacturer we know of offering a lifetime warranty on their high-quality tube amplifiers. And for this exact reason, we have faith in the Decware amp!

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