Floorstanding Speakers For Audiophile Tastes

Floorstanding speakers — also known as tower speakers — are a specific type of speaker that stands on the floor. Usually, three feet or more in height, these speakers are typically rather large and are great at producing quality sound. Audiophiles are music-lovers who have a keen ear for quality. They can tell when music is mixed and mastered well, and they can tell when speakers are high or low fidelity. Here are some of the best floor-standing speakers that are sure to please any audiophile.

Wharfedale Diamond 12.3

Speakers from the Wharfedale Diamond series are a great pick in general, but they’re especially desirable for their price range. Built with quality parts and precision in mind, these speakers are some of the most affordable in the market while still offering a great listening experience for audiophiles. Reviewers laud the quality of the speakers at this price point, especially the surprisingly expressive midrange. The sound quality is incredible considering the price. Plus, with a sleek, minimalist, modern design, these floorstanding speakers are sure to look great in any room.

SVS Prime Pinnacle

Though more expensive than the Wharfedale Diamond series, the SVS Prime Pinnacle floorstanding speakers offer an unparalleled audio experience. Because of the supreme clarity and quality of the speakers, they can accommodate any genre or musical taste — from art-pop to classical. There’s no doubt that audiophiles are bound to have a great time with these speakers. Though these speakers require a solid amplifier to achieve the best sound possible, you simply can’t go wrong with the SVS Prime Pinnacle floor-standing speakers. They also boast a slender figure and simple design, which would allow them to conspicuously occupy any room.

Triangle Borea BR08

One of the more affordable speakers on this list, the Triangle Borea BR08 floorstanding speakers are a great option for audiophiles on a budget who have enough space for them. Because they have a relatively high sensitivity, the Triangle Borea BR08 speakers don’t require a powerful amplifier to achieve loud, high-quality sound. However, these speakers work best in a large room with good acoustics, so avoid cramming them in an already crowded room. Give them plenty of space, and their sure not to disappoint even the most particular of audiophiles.

Sony SS-CS3

Though there are some other budget options on this list, the Sony SS-CS3 are the most affordable floorstanding speakers on this list, resting at less than half the price of most others. And even though most people would assume that such a low price means a lower quality experience, that simply isn’t true. While it’s been said that the speaker’s treble range can grow a little blunt and abrasive while watching movies, these speakers possess an otherwise clean sound with one of the best price points out there. Plus, they possess a strong, sturdy design that matches the sound quality.

ProAc Response DT8

Despite having a slim, slender shape, these speakers boast incredible sound — including immersive bass. No doubt audiophiles would enjoy the distinct musical experience that these speakers offer. With crystal clear vocals and textured instrumentals, just play your favorite album and let these speakers work their magic. Paired with a unique and striking design, these speakers offer an immersive, high quality audio experience for music lovers and audiophiles. If you are willing to spend a bit of extra money, the ProAc Response DT8 floorstanding speakers are one of the best options out there.

Focal Chora 826

When it comes to quality of sound, true audiophiles need look no further than the Focal Chora 826. These speakers offer a truly quality listening experience, providing incredible detail, especially in the treble range. Made with a new material called Slatefiber, these speakers have a cabinet that is both light and incredibly strong. Though these speakers can be a bit particular about their positioning — and it may take some time to find the right angles for optimal listening — they are truly high class and offer one of the best music experiences out there.

Dali Oberon 5

These high quality, expressive speakers provide a real treat for audiophiles and casual listeners alike. Designed to be extremely clear and transparent, these speakers allow listeners to relish the subtle changes in the mix from track to track — a luxury that seems to have faded over time in the industry. Plus, these speakers have a smaller size and are less imposing than some of their counterparts. If you have limited space or don’t want speakers that will take over the whole room — but still want a quality listening experience — look no further than the Dali Oberon 5 floorstanding speakers.

ELAC Uni-FI 2.0

These impressive, three way speakers are the perfect pair for audiophiles with a vinyl collection. Superbly designed and built, the ELAC Uni-FI 2.0 floorstanding speakers are able to pull a truly great experience when paired with a turntable. If you’re current music experience feels dull or uninteresting, these are the perfect speakers to add a bit of color. Though they may not provide the perfect, pristine sound of some other models, they still provide a great experience that truly brings the music to life for the listener.

Q Acoustics 3050i

When it comes to completing your home theater, these speakers are a must for true audiophiles. Paired with a subwoofer and placed in a medium-sized room, these speakers excel. The Q Acousitics 3050i floorstanding speakers also have a technological advantage in the Helmholtz Pressure Equalizer, a dampening tube within the speaker’s cabinet designed to address resonance. Unlike some of their counterparts, these speakers aren’t particular about placement and are likely to perform well despite the setup. Additionally, these speakers sport a clean, modern look that’s sure to add class to any room in the house, but especially a home theater.

Klipsch R-26FA

These floorstanding speakers are perfect for audiophiles with lots of space to spare. With built-in Dolby Atmos and incredible high-volume capabilities, these speakers are perfect for cranking up your favorite albums. They provide a vibrant, energetic sound at a decent price point for the quality. That being said, these speakers perform best in larger spaces where there’s some space between them and the wall. But when it comes to dynamic power, the Klipsch R-26FA speakers simply can’t be beat.

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